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Academic Internships

We pride ourselves on thoroughly preparing you for entry into the workplace. Our strong industry network will connect you with employers across Australia and provide you with access to a broad range of work experience opportunities.

Opting for an academic internship will improve your industry knowledge and provide the tools you need to contribute effectively in a professional environment. The work experience you gain will enhance your employability after you graduate.


>  improve your industry knowledge, develop transferable skills and gain real-world experience.  

>  be provided with the tools you need to contribute effectively in a professional environment.  

>  experience the day-to-day operations of a business and  

>  develop a network of professional contacts.  


Relevant work experience is one of the first things prospective employers look for. An academic internship is a highly valuable addition to both your degree and your professional resume. Through an academic internship, you will gain exposure to a professional environment and experience the day-to-day operations of a business.


Our academic internships can be undertaken as elective subjects if you are studying any of the following courses:

Placements are arranged by Careers Central and will be determined via a job interview process with both Kaplan Business School and the host company. Alternatively, we can support you to source your own internship with a business. Internships are unpaid and the electives are assessable as part of your degree. To be eligible, your grade point average as a minimum must be a Pass.

Kerri Watton, our KBS Work Integrated Learning Manager, explains the process of matching students to the right internship, possible roles and daily tasks and the key benefits of completing an internship.


The academic component of an internship requires you to submit and pass the assignments set for you such as a learning and development plan and a performance reflection. It is structured so that 30% of your final mark will be determined by a rating assigned to you by your host employer.

Once your application for an internship has been approved and a host employer arranged, you will be given an outline stating the learning outcomes and assessment requirements.

You will receive ongoing support from the internship intermediary, our Work Integrated Learning Manager and a dedicated online lecturer who will post resources on MyKBS to help you excel. The curriculum will develop skills such as communication, critical thinking, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving.


If you are interested in an Academic Internship, you can: