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Student Experience

At KBS, we strive to create a truly supportive and nurturing learning environment that focuses on delivering the best educational experience for our students.

On each campus, you’ll have access to various services, including a Student Experiences Services team, Careers Central and Academic Success Centre, to help you reach your academic potential and achieve your career goals.

Our postgraduate students rate our Student Support services higher than every public university in Australia. ​​​​​​​

QILT 2021 Student Experience Survey National Report, published August 2022. 


Our Student Experience Officers will help you settle into life on campus and online. They can answer any questions you may have regarding your study, campus facilities, and life in general such as settling into the Australian education system and lifestyle.


Our Careers Central team will help you enhance your employability and create pathways that lead to career outcomes and success. Our Careers Advisors can assist you in finding an academic internship through an extensive network of partner companies. Find out more about Careers Central.


Our Learning Advisors can provide valuable support with your studies via one-on-one sessions and group workshops. The Academic Success Centre can help you with the following:

  • Referencing
  • Paraphrasing
  • Researching
  • English grammar
  • Essay and report writing
  • Presentation delivery
  • Understanding assessment requirements and proofreading before submission.


Our campuses are all equipped with the following facilities:

  • Student lounges where you can relax with your friends,
  • Free Wi-Fi, computers, printing and photocopiers.

Find out more information on our facilities and our campus locations.


Each trimester we host free events designed to be interactive and inspiring for all students. Learn from expert panels and industry speakers, and experience campus events such as multicultural days.


Student welfare is a priority at KBS. That’s why we have dedicated student counsellors at all our campuses to ensure our student's mental health and well-being are proactively looked after. We have partnered with Sonder to provide all our students with confidential safety and well-being assistance at no cost at any time of the day and night.


At KBS, your safety and wellness are important to us. We provide a range of information, resources, and support for our students. This includes police presentations on personal safety, stress management workshops, mindfulness training and even therapy dogs!

We’ve also introduced Well@KBS, a free program that focuses on our student's physical and mental health and personal well-being. Held in Week 4 of each trimester, students have access to various resources and events, such as inspirational talks, Q&A webinars, and interactive activities.


This volunteer program is designed to enhance interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. Ambassadors are presented with personal and professional development opportunities via networking, event management and training activities. This is your opportunity to be a role model, create a sense of community, and enhance student engagement. Find out more about the Student Ambassador program.


The student representative on our Academic Board will participate in high-level decision-making. During their 12-month term, they will develop a deep understanding of the complexities of academic management and acquire the skills of governance and compliance that are the basis on which all decisions at KBS are made.

If such an opportunity interests you, please consider submitting a nomination for yourself when applications open in January each year.


Each trimester, the Dean’s Award provides two students a 50% scholarship for the remainder of their current course and any future Kaplan Business School course. The award winners are determined based on academic performance and overall contribution to the KBS community. Find out more information or apply for the Deans's Award.


Every trimester we have a week dedicated to getting student feedback regarding their experience at KBS. A majority of the changes we implement at KBS are a direct result of ideas and feedback we receive from our students.