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Dean's Award

Your chance to receive a 50% scholarship!

Are you a current Kaplan Business School student achieving exceptional academic results while contributing positively to the KBS community? Submit an application and you could be the winner of the Dean's Award!

Awarded to up to two students nationally each trimester, the Dean's Award winners are awarded a 50% scholarship for the remainder of their current course and any future Kaplan Business School course. The award winners will be determined based on academic performance and overall contribution to the KBS community.

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For students to be eligible for the award, they must fulfil the following criteria:

  • At the time of application, the student must have a Distinction average or higher grade
  • Submit a 500-word personal statement or 2-minute video on why they should receive the award
  • Provide evidence or examples of where they have gone above and beyond for the KBS community
  • You must have completed at least one (1) trimester with KBS before applying for the Dean's Award
  • Any submissions which exceed the word count or time limit by more than 10% will be disqualified since their inclusion would bestow an unfair advantage to the detriment of other applicants who have complied with the entry requirements.


  • Submissions will be open from Monday Week 8 until Sunday Week 10 of each trimester
  • Students submit their personal statement or video to
  • Award submissions will be reviewed by an Executive Committee in Week 11 of the trimester
  • The Dean’s Award winners and Runners-Up will be announced before the beginning of the next trimester


Alberto Aguilera / Chilean / Master of Business Analytics

Trimester 3, 2023

Alberto Aguilera has truly gone above and beyond in engaging the wider KBS community, with his contribution outside of the classroom genuinely unparalleled. As well as his excellent grades, Alberto received the Outstanding Engagement Award last trimester for being ever present and involved at events, as a student mentor, student ambassador and even contributing to KBS marketing collateral. With aspirations of becoming a professional coach after his studies, we’ll no doubt see Alberto reach new heights on his journey as a KBS student.

Hazel Miranda / Filipino / Master of Accounting

Trimester 3, 2023

Hazel Miranda has found the perfect balance of being a model student, with HDs in all of her subjects so far, but then also extending her efforts to the KBS community. As a student ambassador, Hazel’s involvement is Orientation, Wellness Week, High Achiever’s Events and Feedback Week has been instrumental in engaging students. Furthermore, she is a student mentor, has worked with the KBS marketing team on social media engagement and also recently attended a TEQSA conference to represent KBS. Hazel’s contributions as a student have been of the highest level.

Joyanne Coca / Filipino / Master of Business Administration (Digital Management)

Trimester 3, 2023

Joyanne Coca’s contributions to KBS to date have been nothing short of outstanding. Beyond the sense of pride in achieving HDs in all her subjects, she’s gone out of her way to be actively involved in the KBS community, and beyond. Her work as a student ambassador has seen her involved in careers workshops, multicultural week, Graduation and more. In addition, Joyanne also volunteers her time as a Team Leader for the Study NSW International Student Welcome Desk wherein she assists and supports incoming NSW international students from overseas. We’re lucky to have students like Joyanne at our school.

T3 2023 Runners-up:

Sibylle Von Linde / German / Master of Business Administration (Sydney)

Kelly Jing Hui Chia / Malaysian / Master of Business Administration – Digital Management (Sydney)

Aldrin Khan / Filipino / Master of Business Analytics Extension (Sydney)

Vishwanath Kanchana/ Indian / Master of Business Administration

Trimester 2, 2023

Kanchana stands out as a deserving recipient of the Dean's Award, exemplified by her exceptional contributions to the KBS community. Her accolades include the Outstanding Engagement Award and active roles as a Student Ambassador, a Humans of KBS contributor, and a mentor throughout T1 and T2 2023. Kanchana's dedication shines through her passionate commitment to enhancing the student experience. She orchestrates engaging city tours, encourages participation in KBS events, fosters meaningful connections, and offers guidance on networking, ensuring fellow students thrive in their international academic journey. Kanchana's altruism, enthusiasm, and tireless support for the KBS community reflect her invaluable impact, making her a truly worthy recipient of this prestigious honour.

Marj Encarnacion / Filipinos / Master of Business Administration

Trimester 2, 2023

Marj emerged as an outstanding candidate for the Dean's Award due to her multifaceted involvement in extracurricular activities at KBS and her academic performance. As a dedicated student ambassador, mentor, and volunteer, she demonstrated exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills, fostering a supportive environment for her peers. Despite demanding schedules, Marj actively contributed to pivotal events such as welcoming new students, mentoring fellow peers, organizing career workshops, and alumni activities. Her influence extended beyond KBS; she passionately shared her Australian study experiences, promoting KBS through StudyNSW and various other platforms. Marj's impactful participation in programs like the Business Consulting Project with Careers not only honed her skills, but also showcased the institution's excellence. Her unwavering dedication and positive impact make her a truly deserving recipient of this respected accolade.

T2 2023 Runners-up:

Mai Phuong Nguyen ( Julia) / Master of Business Administration (Sydney)

Joyanne S. Coca / Master of Business Administration (Sydney)

Zharmae Rabe / Master of Accounting (Adelaide)

Bugra Taskin / Turkish / Master of Business Analytics (Extension)

Trimester 1, 2023

Bugra is enrolled in our Master of Business Analytics (Extension) course in Adelaide and has attained a High Distinction in all but two of his completed subjects.  Beyond his studies, Bugra has enriched the learning of his peers in dozens of ways, though the most unprecedented have included his design of a calculator that helps students comprehend (and pass) our statistics subjects and his development of a dictionary comprising an easy-to-understand definition for every technical term in our Digital Marketing subject. 

Angie Cheng / Chinese / Master of Business Administration (Project Management)

Trimester 1, 2023

Angie is enrolled in our MBA (Project Management) in Melbourne and has achieved a High Distinction in all but one of her completed subjects.  In addition, Angie has been among the most active volunteers for orientation days, graduation ceremonies and city tours while also establishing study groups to help strengthen every participant’s performance.

T1 2023 Runners-up:

Marjorie Encarnacion / Filipino / Master of Business Administration (Sydney)

Vishwanath Kanchana / Indian / Master of Business Administration – Digital Management (Adelaide)


  • Up to two Dean’s Awards are granted nationally each trimester.
  • Up to four Runners-Up $250 gift vouchers are awarded nationally each trimester.
  • The Dean’s Award winners are awarded a 50% scholarship for the remainder of their current Kaplan Business School course and any subsequent Kaplan Business School course they enrol in.
  • The Dean’s Award scholarship will be applied from the trimester after the award is given.
  • The Dean’s Award scholarship cannot be combined with any existing scholarship or fee reduction that the student currently holds. Any pre-existing scholarship would cease once the Dean’s Award scholarship comes into effect.
  • Recipients of the Dean’s Award agree to having their name, photograph and a brief summary of their achievements published on the Kaplan Business School website and marketing collateral. The Runner-Up’s names may also be published.
  • Students can only receive the Dean’s Award once whilst studying at Kaplan Business School. If a student is a Runner-Up, they can re-apply for the Dean’s Award in subsequent Trimesters. Kaplan Business School reserves the right for there not to be a Dean’s Award winner or Runner-Up in any given Trimester if no suitable recipient has applied.