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Dean's Award

Your chance to recieve a 50% scholarship!

Are you a current Kaplan Business School student achieving exceptional academic results while contributing positively to the KBS community? Submit an application and you could be the winner of the Dean's Award!

Awarded to up to two students nationally each trimester, the Dean's Award winners are awarded a 50% scholarship for the remainder of their current course and any future Kaplan Business School course. The award winners will be determined based on academic performance and overall contribution to the KBS community.

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For students to be eligible for the award, they must fulfil the following criteria:

  • At the time of application, the student must have a Distinction average or higher grade
  • Submit a 500-word personal statement or 2-minute video on why they should receive the award
  • Provide evidence or examples where they have gone above and beyond for the KBS community


  • Submissions will be open from Monday Week 8 until Sunday Week 10 of each trimester
  • Students submit their personal statement or video to
  • Award submissions will be reviewed by an Executive Committee in Week 11 of the trimester
  • The Dean’s Award winners and Runners-Up will be announced in Week 12 of the trimester


dominika deans award

Dominika Dolnickova / Czech / Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management)

Trimester 3, 2019

Dominika has achieved a High Distinction in every subject she has completed so far. In addition to being a panellist at our Orientation programs and conducting interviews at our graduation ceremonies, Dominika has been featured in a special video, profiling her life story and time at KBS. As a Student Ambassador, she has also been involved in organising various campus events and national KBS initiatives.

dominika deans award

Muskan Garg / India / Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Trimester 3, 2019

Aside from demonstrating academic excellence with a string of High Distinctions, Muskan can always be found taking part in or helping to organise campus events, from Christmas parties to karaoke contests. She is a proactive and exemplary Student Ambassador, and generously dedicates her time to coaching peer students on how they can succeed in their studies.

T3 2019 Runners-up:

Enoc Bender / Argentina / MBA

Giaele Pellegrini / Italy / BHTM

Juan Pablo Giraudo / Argentina / MBA

Deimante Kaupaite / Lithuanian / MBA

Trimester 2, 2019

Although Deimante has attained a High Distinction in each of her subjects thus far, her contribution to the KBS community goes way beyond her academic performance. She has been involved with our Graduation Ceremony, RU OK days and used her coaching qualifications to guide her fellow students through the most emotionally challenging parts of their studies. Most innovatively, she has initiated an on-campus meditation class, a personal development workshop and weekly yoga lessons. These exercises - all to do with enriching the human mindset - are complemented by flyers she has designed on how to think positively and have honest conversations.

T2 2019 Runners-up:

Tiago Cardozo Dalmagro / Brazilian / MACC

Muskan Garg / Indian / BACC

Juan Giraudo / Argentinian / MBA

Enoc Bender / Argentinian / MBA

Daniel Nguyen / Vietnamese / Bachelor of Business

Trimester 1, 2019

Of the 13 subjects Daniel has completed so far, he has attained a High Distinction in 11 of them – an astonishing achievement. In relation to his contribution to the KBS community, Daniel spends much of his time coaching fellow students from Vietnam on their English language skills, he is an active participant in almost all events held on and off-campus, and has proudly promoted Kaplan externally via his involvement in the Lord Mayor’s Student Welcome functions and the Launch Your Marketing Career forums. Congratulations on being our very first Dean’s Award winner, Daniel!

T1 2019 Runners-up:

Neil Poudel / Nepalese / BACC

Sreng Chhun / Cambodian / MBA

Carol Scott / British / BHTM

Kalani Ipalawatta / Sri Lankan / MACC


  • Up to two Dean’s Awards are granted nationally each trimester.
  • Up to four Runners-Up $250 gift vouchers are awarded nationally each trimester.
  • The Dean’s Award winners are awarded a 50% scholarship for the remainder of their current Kaplan Business School course and any subsequent Kaplan Business School course they enrol in.
  • The Dean’s Award scholarship will be applied from the trimester after the award is given.
  • The Dean’s Award scholarship cannot be combined with any existing scholarship or fee reduction that the student currently holds. Any pre-existing scholarship would cease once the Dean’s Award scholarship comes into effect.
  • Recipients of the Dean’s Award agree to having their name, photograph and a brief summary of their achievements published on the Kaplan Business School website and marketing collateral. The Runner-Up’s names may also be published.
  • Students can only receive the Dean’s Award once whilst studying at Kaplan Business School. If a student is a Runner-Up, they can re-apply for the Dean’s Award in subsequent Trimesters. Kaplan Business School reserves the right for there not to be a Dean’s Award winner or Runner-Up in any given Trimester if no suitable recipient has applied.