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Current Students


The links below will lead you to your portals for MyKBS and Kaplink. This page also contains information that will be useful throughout your studies.



As a new student, we want to make sure you feel warmly welcomed into the KBS family. Orientation is held 2 weeks before the beginning of your first trimester and is a great opportunity to meet key staff members and your new peers.  You’ll also receive further information on your studies, facilities and support services on campus, to ensure you have the best possible start to your educational adventure.


Our friendly Student Experience team is here to help you settle into life on campus.  They can help with study guidance and planning, workshops and events, student welfare and all our support services. 


Our campus facilities have been designed to ensure our students feel safe, happy and welcome on campus.  They all include:

  • As you walk into each campus, you’ll be greeted by the friendly Student Experience team in our Service Hubs.  We designed our reception area to ensure you feel warmly welcomed.
  • Our classrooms are designed to cater to small class sizes, allowing our expert lecturers to provide the personalized support you need.
  • Our campuses provide easily accessible IT resources, including Wi-Fi, computer labs and printing and photocopying facilities. You will have access to integrated online learning materials and receive feedback on assignments through MyKBS – your personalised online Student Portal.
  • Our student lounges are a great place to meet your peers or to relax between classes, and to heat or refrigerate your lunch.

Visit our Campus Locations page for more information about the facilities available at our campuses around Australia.


If you’re a KBS student and you’re interested in going the extra mile, the Student Ambassador Program is for you. A select group of students at each campus gets the opportunity to work closely with KBS staff to create an engaging community on campus. In return, Student Ambassadors are provided a budget for events, able to take advantage of personal and professional development opportunities, invited to networking events and much more. This is a great opportunity so get in touch with your local Student Experience team if you’re interested!

Visit our Student Ambassador Program page for more information


In Week 9 of each trimester, KBS has a week dedicated to receiving feedback from our students. Over many years, dozens of fantastic changes have occurred directly from student feedback. During Feedback Week you’ll see forums, surveys, posters, suggestions boxes and more all across campus that give you the opportunity to influence the future of KBS and your own student experience.


Through the guidance of your two allocated student mentors in a small group, you will receive social support, academic assistance, and an introduction to all the resources offered by us. Your mentors will also help you work on your goals to keep each other accountable. Your mentors, our current students, know how challenging and overwhelming it can be to study on your own at the beginning, so they want to help you with their lived experience as much as they can.


At KBS, we’re committed to your wellness. That’s why we’ve introduced Well@KBS, a free program focusing on physical and mental health. Held in Week 4 of each trimester, you will have access to various resources and events designed to let you reflect, connect and take charge of your personal wellbeing.


Student Life at KBS is not just in the classroom. Every trimester you’ll see a number of free, exciting events held inside and outside of the campus and delivered online. Whether you want to meet new friends, listen to inspiring speakers, learn how to get a job or just be there while you’re waiting for your class, check out the event schedule at your campus and KBS Weekly Event emails to see what’s happening.


At KBS, we’re determined to ensure you have a fantastic experience and you are successful in your studies.  We will always endeavour to find solutions for you, but if you don’t feel satisfied with the solutions we have provided, there is a formal Complaints and Appeals policy and process available to all students.



KBS is here to support you throughout your studies, and student wellbeing is our number one priority. We have dedicated student counsellors at each of our campuses that are available for appointments whenever you need.


Despite Australia being one of the safest countries in the world, it’s vital we give students the tools and information to keep themselves safe.  We promote this through a variety of ways and the most important one is our partner, Sonder. A free, 24/7 and multilingual safety and wellbeing service.

You can use it to connect with the Sonder Support Team for any issues such as safety, health issues, medical needs, mental health worries or concerns. They can even send in-person help to check on you and ensure your safety too.


On-campus workshops and events are often focused on ensuring your mental health and wellbeing as a student such as Well@KBS week which runs in Week 4 every trimester.  This includes stress management workshops, mindfulness training, self-defence, beach training and even therapy dogs!


We provide a variety of up-to-date information on safety and wellness to ensure you are supported and safe during your studies at KBS.  If you’re looking for where to find further information, have a look at the places below for the latest information:



Whether you require one-on-one coaching on your English language skills, or assistance in understanding an assessment question, or would like someone to give you feedback on your assignment before you submit it, our qualified Learning Advisors (all of whom are specifically trained in English instruction) at every campus would love to help. They also conduct workshops every trimester on a range of critical academic skills such as online research, paraphrasing, note-taking, referencing, essay writing, report writing, and more.


If you’re an undergraduate student and want the strongest start to your studies, you’ll rarely find an opportunity as golden as the three foundation subjects we have available at KBS. One of these is BUS109 (Skills for Numerical Analysis), which teaches you the fundamentals associated with statistics and quantitative methods. The second option is BUS110 (Skills for Business English), which teaches you advanced levels of academic and business English. This is highly recommended for those students who may struggle with English. And the third is BUS111 (Skills for Academic Success), which teaches you how to write essays and reports, how to think critically, how to present in class, how to succeed in exams, and much more.

One-on-one lecturer consultations

You can book a one-on-one session with your lecturers if you need help with your subject. They are there to answer any questions you may have.