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Study in Australia

Australia is home to some of the top student-friendly cities in the world. It has developed a strong global reputation as a popular and rewarding study destination due to its excellent education system, high standard of living, friendly community, laid-back lifestyle and vibrant city life.

The country’s stunning natural beauty and unique flora and wildlife are world-renowned. There are over 11,000 beaches dotting the coastline and you’ll be able to explore incredibly diverse landscapes and iconic landmarks including the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour and Uluru.

Cultural diversity is another distinguishing aspect of life in Australia, making you feel welcome and allowing you to step outside your comfort zone to expand your thinking with new ideas and perspectives.


Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system.

The Australian Qualifications Framework ( allows countries around the world to recognise your qualification and issue the comparable qualifications for local use. The education system in Australia is closely regulated by the government through national agencies such as the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (, to ensure you are receiving the highest quality learning experience.

The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act guarantees international students receive high standards of education and care.


KBS offers you the flexibility of choosing from 6 different campuses in Australia, located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Each trimester, you will have the opportunity to transfer between campus locations* (pending on subject availability) to experience the unique character and qualities each city has to offer.

Enjoy beach and harbour living in Sydney, indulge in Melbourne’s café culture and street art, , immerse yourself in Brisbane’s or Gold Coast’s sunny and relaxed lifestyle, share in Adelaide’s exciting festival calendar or discover the pristine natural beauty of Perth. In each location, Kaplan Business School delivers quality courses, unparalleled student experiences and outstanding graduate outcomes.

* Limited course offering available at Kaplan Business School Perth and Gold Coast.


Aside from the financial requirements to qualify for a Student Visa, there are also living expenses.

Your day-to-day living expenses will vary depending on your individual lifestyle and requirements.

You can use the Cost of Living Calculator provided by Insider Guides to get an estimate of the potential living costs in each Australian city.


Kaplan is proud of our state-of-the-art campuses, all of which are located in major cities across Australia. Click through for more information about each campus.

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