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Continue your support after graduation.

You are now part of our KBS alumni community of over 10,000 graduates worldwide.

Be connected with fellow alumni, KBS staff and industry partners. Expand your professional network and engage in key issues, industry insights and sharing relevant resources.

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Our support does not end when you finish your degree. Now that you are part of our alumni community, you have access to the following benefits:

The lifetime of Learning Guarantee

Our alumni enjoy FREE lifetime access to all the live online classes of the course from which they graduated. For more information, contact our alumni team at:

Lifelong Career Coaching

Our Careers Central team are available to help you after you graduate. Our careers are constantly evolving, so please seek advice or guidance for your career path. Book a free consultation with our team.


You are welcome to attend any of our workshops during the year. Workshops we are running include training on software programs such as Excel, Xero, and Java, as well as soft skills development and resume writing.

Industry events

You can join any of our industry events and network with industry professionals and like-minded people.

Alumni Community e-newsletter

Each graduate will receive our e-newsletter which includes Lifetime of Learning links, updates on upcoming events and job vacancies from our industry partners and us.


To update your contact information, or take advantage of the full range of Alumni services and benefits, call us on 1300 558 036 or email

Each student who successfully completes a program at KBS automatically joins our Alumni Community upon graduation. 

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Life membership is granted with zero extra fees, so get involved!


Share Your Story

We are always interested in hearing our graduates' unique and remarkable stories. 

Would you like to share your success story? If so, call us on 1300 558 036 or email

The Alumni Scholarship

Are you considering studying another course to enhance your knowledge and skills further? Our successful graduates can apply for the Alumni Scholarship, which gives you a 30% reduction in course fees.

The Kaplan Community Podcast

Tune into our Kaplan Community Podcast, where we will cover job, career and industry trends and interviews with current alumni. Our podcast is available on all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify.

Graduation Ceremony

Attend your graduation ceremony and celebrate your achievements with your family and fellow alumni. Refer to our KBS graduation ceremony locations and dates.

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We at KBS are always interested in hearing our graduates’ unique and remarkable stories. You can read the inspiring stories of our students via Student Success Stories or Student Stories blog. Would you like to share your success story? If so, please email

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