Here at Kaplan Business School Australia, our strong industry networks allow us to connect you with employers across Australia and grant you access to a broad range of employment opportunities. Careers Central will assist you with finding suitable placements based on your industry needs.

Why consider an academic internship?

Recent research conducted in Australia shows that students who do internships are better at decision-making and managing their careers than those who don’t. With potential for higher graduate pay, broader networks and greater insight into the industry, internships are now considered an essential part of an education.* Internships are a fantastic, unique opportunity for students to:

  • Develop relevant work-skills and apply your studies in practice while gaining credit towards your study.
  • Gain exposure in a professional environment and see the day-to-day operations of a business.
  • Improve your industry knowledge and expertise around the workplace and further build your professional network.

Who can sign up?

Our academic internships can be undertaken as elective subjects if you are studying a:

  • Bachelor of Business (all streams)
  • Graduate Diploma of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration



  • Gain real-world experience and confidence via workplace responsibility.
  • Improve transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and time management.
  • Experience practical application of theory in a professional environment.
  • Impress prospective employers while enhancing employability.
  • Start building a network of industry contacts and ensure your chosen career path is right for you.

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The Bachelor of Business internship subjects involve completion of a set of activities under the guidance and supervision of an academic supervisor at Kaplan Business School Australia and an industry mentor from a partner organisation. Host companies will interview you prior to offering you a placement with them.

Subject details



OFFERING: Part-time internship (22.5 hours per week)*

DURATION: 12 weeks

EQUIVALENT TO: Two electives (each)



  • Completed BUS201: Foundations of Workplace Success
  • Currently on a pass average

* If you wish to take BUS307 and BUS308 in the same trimester, this will be equivalent to 37.5 hours per week for 12 weeks (full-time).


The MBA507 subject involves completion of a 204 hour work placement integrating academic learning, enhanced employability skills and attributes, and an improved knowledge of organisations and career pathways within your specialised industry. The ultimate objective of this work-integrated learning experience is to deepen your understanding of the job-ready skills in demand by high quality employers. Success in this subject will therefore enhance your employability, allow you to experience practical applications of theory and expand your network with business professionals who will support you on your journey to establishing a career.

Subject details



OFFERING: Part Time internship (17 hours per week)

DURATION: 12 weeks

EQUIVALENT TO: One elective



  • Completed one trimester in your GDBA/MBA course
  • Currently on a pass average
Grace Lopez

My Academic Internship was rewarding because it provided me with the opportunity to directly apply the knowledge I acquired through my MBA, like negotiating skills and how to manage conflict. Thanks to the breadth of knowledge available through my internship start-up company, I also learnt how to become a reputable manager and take on leadership roles. Since recently graduating, I have progressed to a paid full-time position and I am in charge of daily stand-ups, analysing reports and meet with customers to better understand their product requirements.


Grace Lopez / Mexican / Master of Business Administration 

Product Manager at InDebted

Ada Batsaki

Careers Central helped me find two Academic Internships while I was studying and I am now working in a Senior Accounting position with one of these firms! Both my Academic Internships gave me the experience to know how to prepare Tax Returns, liaise with clients on tax matters and gave me the opportunity to develop relationships with the Australian Tax Office (ATO). I love working in a wider team and interacting with people, so being client-focused suits me well.


Ada Batsaki / Greek / Bachelor of Business (Accounting) 

Tax Accountant at Bongiorno & Partners 

Jessica Nguyen


 I’m so delighted that I secured a permanent paid position after my Academic Internship that was organised by KBS through Careers Central. My new role focuses on attracting potential customers, retaining existing loyalty guests and improving the customer service of the hotel. The support I’ve received to grow professionally has been invaluable, and I’m particularly grateful to have strengthened my communication skills and ability to problem solve.


Jessica Nguyen / Vietnamese / Bachelor of Business (Hospitality & Tourism Management) 

Guest Service Agent at Mantra Hotels  


My Academic Internship at Australian Odyssey involved assisting with market research on immigration trends, developing strategies on new market entry and providing administrative support to the team. Despite this being my first industry experience, strong mentorship from my Consultancy Manager and ongoing feedback from my wider team allowed me to take ownership of and to excel in my work. Since then I’ve been able to broaden my professional network, especially now that I am a Student Ambassador for CPA Australia. 


Diana Tantaeva / Uzbekistani  / Bachelor of Business (Accounting) 

Sales & Marketing Intern at Australian Odyssey


The support I have received from Careers Central at KBS has allowed me to build my networks, enhance my resume and grasp new employment opportunities. During my Academic Internship I attended workshops and seminars where I was exposed to topics like innovation, finance technology and venture capital. Now, in my current position, I participate in strategy sessions and meet with corporate partners to better understand how our company can enhance their products and gain wider market exposure. As an international student, I bring an extra layer of knowledge having lived in different cultures and I thrive working alongside leadership teams.


Felipe Rios Ribeiro / Brazilian / Master of Accounting 

Program Coordinator at Stone and Chalk