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Read below for an overview on living in your new home, Australia.


All the staff and support services at Kaplan Business School strive to ensure that each student’s duration at Kaplan is as fulfilling, enjoyable and successful as possible. We understand that it may take some time for international students to culturally adjust to this new environment and are more than willing to share our knowledge of Australian customs and culture with you. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the great land down under.

Please be aware that school aged dependants accompanying a student will be obliged to attend school whilst in Australia and may be required to pay full fees if enrolled in a private or government school in Australia. For further information please see the Study In Australia website.


Students who hold a student visa will automatically receive permission to work with their visa grant. Holders of a student visa are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while their course is in session and full-time during scheduled course breaks.


While studying in Australia it is vital that student accommodation and living arrangements are safe and supportive. There are many different types of accommodation available to international students living in Australia, some of these include: homestay, finding a room/house mate, and private student accommodation facilities. For information about homestay options please enquire during the course application process.


Although compared to other countries, Australia is a safe country to live, work and study, students should be aware of their personal safety and security and take good care of themselves and their belongings. Students should remember not to leave valuables unattended. Always ensure that someone knows where you are and if possible always carry a mobile phone.


For international students, it is a condition of an Australian student visa that students obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). KBS uses Bupa as it’s preferred provider. Please refer to the Bupa website for information on prices. Kaplan Business School campuses are centrally located within capital cities with plenty of good health centres and hospitals with medical practitioners nearby. We will ensure that students are directed to one of these clinics if the need arises.


More comprehensive information about Living in Australia is provided by the Australian government and includes information about; Planning your departure; Arriving in Australia; Accessing support services; Remaining visa compliant; Working while you study; Living costs; Finding accommodation; Health and safety. This information can be found here.


All of our students are provided with the academic guidance and individual support they require.

Our Student Services department is ready to assist students with every aspect of their student experience. Our experienced and supportive staff are able to offer advice and answer any questions students have on accommodation, health insurance (including OSHC), the orientation program, campus facilities, additional services for under 18’s and organised social activities.


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