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Digital Project Manager Vamshi

Becoming a Digital Project Manager

Vamshi Grandhe began his career journey as an Aerospace Engineer in India but found his true calling in the world of start-ups, venture capital and business management in the digital space when he made a career transition in Australia.

For Vamshi, being able to build start-ups and digital ventures, and becoming a project manager in the digital space is a career aspiration come true.

Where I started

Initially an Aerospace Engineer based in India, I found myself on a new path when I co-founded a start-up with two of my friends from university. This venture was a Financial Education platform aimed at teaching finance management, stock trading and investing for engineers and non-finance professionals. This experience fuelled my continued interest in business and start-ups and motivated me to seek further education in business and management.

I moved to Australia to study the Master of Management at the University of Sydney. After completing this foundational master, I wanted to deepen my knowledge in business and specialise in Project Management. This led me to study a second master’s degree - Master of Business Administration with a specialisation in Project Management at KBS – an amazing opportunity I received with a scholarship offer.

The KBS learning culture

At KBS, I found opportunities to interact with students from different cultures and backgrounds who shared new ways of thinking and learning. The staff were approachable and took the time to help me with any challenges and difficulties I had.

The flexible and practical nature of the KBS curriculum with work integrated learning stood out for me. The assignments were applicable to the real world and the projects were industry relevant.

In fact, I still use key learnings around frameworks and techniques at my workplace. Using fundamental tools and techniques during my course like Gantt charts, scope, cost and time estimations, as well as RAID register for risk management has actually helped me in the industry.

My internship

During my studies, I took the initiative to approach the KBS Student Experience Team about completing an internship at one of their Industry Partners to gain more work experience. This led to a significant opportunity with AI Talent Australia in shaping their venture capital arm AI Ventures. My role was closely aligned to my specialisation in project management and my interest in start-ups, providing a relevant platform for me to make the most of my education during my tenure.

At AI Talent Australia notably, I'm elated to have established and been responsible for AI Ventures' program-driven approach to attract great AI tech founders & CXOs to Australia's very own studio of AI Technology.

I played a vital role by leading the creation of Australia's first fully virtual global AI Incubator post-COVID. Having established the digital platform for the firm's business operations, including the integration of learning applications, an incubator program, and onboarding processes; my contributions were recognised with the Most Valuable Professional – Leadership Award.

The Power of Networking

Networking was pivotal in my career journey. KBS’s Industry Week introduced me to industry speakers from diverse fields and entities like the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Online events, forums and meetups have been invaluable resources for making connections with professionals and like-minded individuals. I have joined the Project Managers Movement, LinkedIn online events and where I attend product management events (e.g. Product Talk). I enjoy attending Fishburners events and pitch nights which offer opportunities to engage with a network of start-up founders, investors, and mentors in the industry.

My career goals

For the next few years, I want to hone my skills in Project Management and Product Management by building impactful digital ventures and meaningful products that transform digital experiences and make a difference in society.

Words of advice

1. Networking is key to finding a job

As an international student, you need to learn the different ways of working in companies in Australia. Networking is instrumental in understanding the working culture, job market, and company expectations in Australia. Always remember, as someone who comes from a different country, that you have a unique perspective and diverse set of skills that companies will value.

2. Access the Careers Service

Use the resources available at your education provider. The Careers Service at your school or university can help you with refining your resume, job search strategies and updates about the current job market.

3. Always keep learning

Never stop learning as expanding your knowledge can lead to new career opportunities. If you are currently working, complete any relevant training the company provides, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and build good relationships within your team. See if you can add value to other projects happening in the company.

Where am I now?

After graduating in 2021, I joined Accenture Song (the digital arm of Accenture and a world-leading digital agency) as an Associate Project Manager. My role involves managing end-to-end delivery of e-commerce projects for enterprise clients right from strategy to implementation and building products that transform customer experiences across industries.

I was awarded for project management and talent hunting and recently promoted as a Manager, leading digital commerce and experience transformation projects at Accenture Song.

I also share my knowledge as a part-time lecturer and mentor, teaching Business Strategy and Operations at KBS and the University of Sydney. Furthermore, mentoring at entrepreneurship programs such as USYD’s Lean Startups course and 180 Degrees Consulting allows me to work with and shape young students and professionals.

My mantra, 'Teaching is the best form of learning,' guides my continuous journey of growth and discovery.

Want to connect with Vamshi? He is always open for engaging conversations, exchanging ideas or simply coffee chatting.

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