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04 Jun, 2021

Lifelong learning: 4 benefits to help your career thrive

Lifelong learning is a valuable concept for individuals and educational institutions alike. Traditionally as a society, we like to make a distinct separation in our lives between study and our career; a type of mentality where upon graduation we put study behind us to focus on earning money and establishing a career. We’ve sown the seeds and now it’s time to reap the rewards, so to speak.

But what if you had a different mindset from the get-go? One where you commit to continue learning as you evolve professionally and personally. What if you were to stay a student for life? And not have to pay extra for it?

At Kaplan Business School, we feel strongly that learning shouldn’t just end when your degree does. So much so that you’re now able to continue your education and growth as part of the Kaplan alumni community. We call it the Lifetime of Learning Guarantee, which offers our alumni, as the name suggests, unlimited, free and lifelong access, to:

  • All online classes of the course from which you graduated
  • Our globally recognised Careers Central service

So, why should you take us up on this?

Here are just four benefits of lifelong learning that can help you take a more sustainable approach to your career development:

1. Regain self-confidence

With advances in technology, and the rate at which new market trends and processes are being created, the workforce skills gap is increasing rapidly.

In fact, a recent global IBM report predicts more than 120 million people will need upskilling or reskilling by the end of 2022.

There are many ways skill gaps can be addressed: in-company education programs, training provided by an external provider and further formal education.

But why not also make the most of your existing education?

Unlike rereading notes that can age with time, retaking classes as encouraged through our Lifetime of Learning Guarantee is a great way to update your skills and keep abreast of the latest advancements in knowledge in your field.

As practices and skills evolve, so does all our curriculum, inclusive of slide decks, classroom activities, discussion topics and the practical resources to support your learning.

At different points in your career, it’s an opportunity to remain competitive, increase job security and feel confident about being able to adapt to changes in your role.

2. Increase your market value

Continuing to learn throughout your career can also help you gain knowledge and skills in new areas beyond your immediate field of work. Imagine how this could expand your job opportunities!

For example, as part of the Lifetime of Learning Guarantee, our Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates are free to complete subjects that they didn’t choose or had the capacity for as part of their original program.

After years of experience within your industry, do you now feel ready to start your own business? No problem. You can go back and study from a range of elective subjects such as ‘Fundamentals of entrepreneurship’ and ‘Small business administration’.

Is the next job you’ve secured in a company that operates within the healthcare system? Going back to complete subjects such as ‘Comprehensive healthcare strategies’ can help you start on the front foot.

Is your current role increasingly crossing over into the digital space? Subjects such as ‘Digital marketing and communication’ might help bridge any gaps in your skills.

3. Apply for jobs effectively

Lifelong learning isn’t just about building on your technical knowledge and soft skills. Staying on top of job market trends long after you’ve landed a graduate job can be extremely valuable for several reasons.


>  Get your confidence back in applying for a new job if you’ve held the same position for years

>  Learn how to negotiate a pay raise or promotion

>  Update your resume content, format and design to reflect what employers are currently looking for

>  Learn about new job-search platforms that may not have existed when you were last looking for a job

>  Freshen up your interview skills

Imagine being able to access career mentoring and flexible support whenever you need.

That’s what our Lifetime of Learning Guarantee offers – free and ongoing access to our Careers Central team and all its services and resources you were able to benefit from when you were a student. This includes getting the input of KBS’s career professionals when updating your resume, receiving feedback on your cover letter and running one-on-one practise interview sessions.

4. Stay connected

As a graduate from an educational institution, perhaps one of the greatest sources of lifetime learning that’s often underutilised is your fellow alumni network.

Being active within your alumni community is a great way to stay connected to a wide network of culturally diverse professionals who are pursuing careers in your field and growing their own networks that you might be able to tap into.

Retaking classes alongside your fellow alumni and new students allows you to exchange knowledge from other students around the world and better understand how concepts, theories, models and processes can be adapted to suit any international context.

You’re also able to expose yourself to new and diverse perspectives that can help you feel better prepared for the modern workplace, while also making new connections that could lead to new and exciting opportunities or ventures.

The ever-changing nature of work is driving a need for lifelong learning like never before. So, what if instead of sowing seeds of learning once or twice in your life, you did it seasonally. Consistently. And let yourself thrive.

Excited about the potential of starting with us and learning for life? Find out more about our KBS alumni community, call us on 1300 558 036 or email

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