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26 Feb, 2023

Changes to work hours and post-study work rights

The Australian Government recently made two important announcements about the allowable work hours and post-study work rights for international students effective from 1 July 2023.

1. Allowable work hours increased

Work restrictions for student visa holders will be reintroduced, but the cap on the hours that international students are allowed to work during their study period will be increased from 40 to 48 hours per fortnight.

This revised cap will help international students support themselves better and gain work experience during their study period while maintaining study as the primary purpose of their visa.

You can visit the Home Affairs website for further information.

2. Post-Study Work Rights extension

The duration of the post-study work rights for international students will increase to strengthen the pipeline of skilled labour.

Post-study work rights for select degrees in areas of skills shortages will be increased as follows:

  • from two years to four years for select Bachelor's degrees
  • from three to five years for select Master’s degrees

KBS’ Information Technology degrees have been included in this indicative list of eligible qualifications. In addition, graduates who have studied, worked and lived in a regional area such as Adelaide and Perth will continue to be eligible for an additional year of post-study work rights.

Read more on the Post-Study Work Rights extension.