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news article banner TEQSA grants self-accrediting authority to KBS
23 Sep, 2022

TEQSA grants self-accrediting authority to KBS

We are pleased to share some important news we received from TEQSA this week – the regulator has approved KBS’ application to become a limited Self-Accrediting Authority (SAA) institution.

Out of 145 Institutes of Higher Education in Australia, KBS is now one of only nine institutions that have currently been granted this status.

Our new Self-Accrediting Authority designation means that KBS now enjoys the same status as universities by being able to self-accredit courses without TEQSA approval, including our programs in Accounting, Business and Management, Tourism, and Sales and Marketing. This is a recognition of the trust and confidence TEQSA has in our quality assurance and governance practices.

A huge congratulations to the entire team at KBS for their work in securing this outcome. It is the culmination of a project that commenced just over two years ago following KBS’ successful Higher Education Provider re-registration in mid-2020.