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IT Specialisations and System Requirements

Learn more about our IT specialisations and find out the specific system requirements of your device when studying an IT course.


Our range of IT specialisations have been designed to meet the forecasted skill shortage for IT professionals in Australia, and globally. If you are studying a Master of Information Technology (Extension) or Master of Information Technology you will be able to choose from the following IT specialisations:


Learn how to discover, interpret and analyse data for effective decision making and how to create machine learning models that improve business performance.

    Directed specialisation subjects:

    • TECH3100: Data Visualisation in R
    • TECH3200: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in IT
    • TECH3300: Machine Learning Applications

    Career Outcomes:

    • Database administrator
    • Data centre technician
    • Database analyst
    • Network analyst


    Acquire the programming knowledge and skills that support the development, testing, and maintaining of applications, and learn how to use mathematical modelling to resolve complex business problems.

      Directed specialisation subjects:​​​​​​​

      • TECH6100: Intermediate Programming
      • TECH6200: Advanced Programming
      • TECH6300: Algorithms and Data Structures

      Career Outcomes:

      • Software tester
      • Programmer
      • Network engineer
      • Software analyst


      Master how to use digital forensics to detect and prevent cybercrime and how to utilise Bitcoin – one of the fastest-growing technologies – to upgrade contemporary commerce and security services in business.

        Directed specialisation subjects:

        • TECH5100: Penetration Testing
        • TECH5200: Digital Forensics
        • TECH5300: Bitcoin

        Career Outcomes:

        • Security administrator
        • Cyber intelligence specialist
        • Data security analyst
        • Digital forensic analyst


        Learn how to develop software applications on web and mobile devices to solve and improve organisational problems.

          Directed specialisation subjects:

          • TECH4100: UX and Design Thinking
          • TECH4200: Website Development
          • TECH4300: Mobile Development

          Career Outcomes:

          • Multimedia developer
          • Web designer
          • Software developer
          • Front end developer


          You may choose to graduate without a specialisation and still benefit from the numerous career paths available for a generalist IT degree.

            Directed specialisation subjects:


            Career Outcomes:

            • Cloud architect
            • IT consultant
            • IT project manager
            • IT quality assurance engineer


            As an IT student at KBS, you will be required to bring your own device (BYOD). Specific system requirements your device needs to have as an absolute minimum:



            Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

            Must be portable (such as a laptop) so that it can be used in the classroom (workshops) on campus and at your home (homework)

            Operating System (OS)

            64 bit OS:

            • Microsoft Windows 10 or 11* (recommended)
            • macOS
            • Linux

            Central processing unit (CPU) or processor**

            64 bit CPU with at least four or more cores:

            • Intel i5 or i7 or higher; or
            • AMD Ryzen 3XXX or 5XXX or higher

            CPU capable of virtualisation:

            • Intel VT-x
            • AMD-V

            Internal Storage Capacity

            Solid State Drive (SSD) 256GB or greater


            16GB RAM or greater

            External Storage Capacity (recommended)

            OneDrive is provided to the students for cloud storage backup purposes

            Display Screen Size / Screen Resolution (recommended)

            Resolution with 1920x1080 pixels or greater

            Other items (recommended)

            Discrete GPU or graphics card is recommended

            HD Webcam 720p or higher

            Sound capabilities and microphone

            Ability to connect to WiFi. Bare minimum of 30GB of download allowance per month from your Internet Service Provider. Reliable or Stable Internet connection is recommended

            * If you are using or plan to use a Windows OS, and are planning from upgrading from Windows 10 to 11, there may be specific requirements. For instance, one of these requirements may be a particular generation of CPU. If purchasing a brand new laptop or computer, it is highly recommended to double-check the specifications required for Windows 11 to ensure future combability of the device. For more information, please refer to the Microsoft website.

            ** For Windows 11 supported Intel and AMD processors, please refer to the lists of supported Intel processors or supported AMD processors on the Microsoft website. It is expected that the BYOD can run a virtualised environment or operating system within the BYOD environment.