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09 Oct, 2020

Student Success Story: Lucas

Meet Lucas Goransky. Argentinian. Studying an MBA. Organiser of TEDx Countdown in Darlinghurst.

It certainly can’t be an easy feat to start your MBA in the midst of a global pandemic, but Lucas Goransky is making big waves within the KBS community ever since he kicked-off his studies in March 2020.

He has already achieved the status of High Achiever, but academic performance aside, there is so much more to this international student who is incredibly passionate about entrepreneurship and pushing the boundaries of creativity in business.

His current ambitious project is organising his very first TEDx event, which also happens to be the first TEDx event to be 100% focused on climate change. Without any experience in event management, Lucas and his friend have coordinated everything in just 15 weeks and secured an impressive line-up of nine influential speakers. These climate change advocates range from a director at Deloitte and Forbes ‘30 under 30’ entrepreneur, to marine ecology and conservation researchers and many more.

Come and discover how they are fighting climate change and be inspired by actionable ways you can be part of the change.