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Postgraduate Qualifying Program in Trimester 3, 2020!
02 Oct, 2020

New! Postgraduate Qualifying Program

We’re very excited to launch the Kaplan Business School Postgraduate Qualifying Program in Trimester 3, 2020!

For the first time at KBS, students who don’t quite meet the entry requirements for postgraduate studies will be able to take an alternate pathway to a master’s degree.

The Postgraduate Qualifying Program has been designed for students who hold an Advanced Diploma (or equivalent) and are interested in studying a master’s degree. Once students complete a Postgraduate Qualifying Program (1 trimester/12 teaching weeks), they can begin their postgraduate studies with a Graduate Certificate (2 trimesters/8 months) in business administration, accounting or business analytics and then move on to complete the remainder of their master’s degree.

What are the main benefits of completing the Postgraduate Qualifying Program for students?

  • Students will save time and money by only having to study one trimester before starting their postgraduate degrees.*
  • It prepares students for success in postgraduate study by addressing any gaps in language and academic abilities.
  • A seamless transition from the Postgraduate Qualifying Program, straight into postgraduate studies with KBS.

*Find out more here.