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12 May, 2021

New MBA Specialisation: Data-Driven Leadership

We are proud to reveal the launch of our eighth new Master of Business Administration specialisation in Data-Driven Leadership commencing Trimester 2, 2021. We’ve identified a growing demand for data analytics in today’s changing business landscape and it’s our priority to help you gain emerging skills to future-proof your career.

This exciting MBA specialisation will prepare you to understand how data analytics can transform a business and drive a culture of data-driven decision-making within an organisation. The curriculum focuses on teaching you how to make leadership decisions based on evidence and objectivity via the following three specialisation subjects:

Strategic Value of Analytics: How to cultivate a data-driven culture and strengthen analytics capabilities within an organisation

Business Analytics Life Cycle: How to create, visualise and communicate data such that it’s transformed into valuable insights

Data-driven Design Thinking: How to integrate design thinking with data analysis to drive innovation and solve business problems creatively

By graduating with an MBA that incorporates an understanding of data analytics, you can become a credible and reliable leader in any industry that you’re passionate about. Future employment opportunities include:

  • management consultant
  • data strategist
  • business intelligence officer
  • customer experience designer
  • design thinking catalyst

Find out more about this new MBA specialisation or read our blog to find out ‘Why an MBA and data analytics go hand in hand’.