Work Placement of the Month – Mariana Henrique (Mobile Connekt)


Hi Mariana! Please tell me a little about Mobile Connekt?

Mobile Connekt is an agency that specialises in mobile marketing, and includes services like website and mobile app development, Google Adwords and SEO services, and cloud marketing solutions. It’s pretty nice — it’s a new company, and I’ve been learning a lot! My background has been in marketing for a while but it was never focused on strictly online/digital/social media marketing. So this was a great opportunity to immerse myself in this side of marketing.

What were some of your tasks there?

Lots – I was doing a range of tasks from managing social media profiles, some graphic design, I even helped coordinate and write the scripts to be used in little ‘explainer’ videos, for our clients, too…

What were you doing before?

I was working as a marketing assistant in a company for 5 years in Brazil. My original plan was to come here for just 6 months, but I ended up really liking Melbourne, the people, the experiences and all.. I wanted to stay so I started looking at options to study.

Why did you choose KBS?

I knew some people who studied at KBS, so I had some friends who could safely recommend them to me. Compared to the other options out there, I felt that KBS was an institution with good teachers and good facilities. The lectures and tutorials have been great overall, we had some great talks including one from Alex Malley, the CEO of CPA which was very inspirational!

Were there any lessons learnt at KBS that you were able to apply to the job?

Yeah, personal skills mostly — like how to manage your time, concepts around leadership, how to work with people. These interpersonal skills came in very handy in the workplace especially since I was new to the country and as things are a little different back home in Brazil.

Did you have a good experience?

Yes definitely, I can say it has been a really positive experience, and I’ll probably continue to work part-time at Mobile Connekt – it’s pretty cool that I was able to get a job out of it! My manager had a wealth of experience, having worked in several big companies in the past. She was always very open to answer any doubts I may have had on the job. Everyone at Mobile Connekt was generally very open to new suggestions as well, so it’s been nice to work in a company where you feel that your opinion is valued.

How did Careers Central help you land the position?

Angelique was really helpful…she called me and let me know she had opportunities that matches my profile. She was really proactive and that was really nice that she helped me out…

Even though I wasn’t able to get down to them, she often ran workshops to help students with things like resume and cover letter help. She did send me some interview tips like how to dress, what to do, what you shouldn’t do. Those were really helpful!


Are you Kaplan Business School’s next success story?

We have a dedicated Careers Central team who are available week-in, week-out to provide expert advice on everything job-related.  Students can make an appointment at Reception to see their Careers Officer who can provide support and advice on:

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