Transforming students’ education journey: Feedback Week

Feedback Week
Feedback Week

Transforming students’ education journey:

Feedback Week

Published 19th June, 2018
Updated 28th August, 2018

We take student feedback very seriously at KBS. You can say it, write it, pop it on a post-it note – however you want to express yourself, we’re here to listen.

Our classrooms are diverse and everyone has different needs, so Feedback Week is a chance to express those ‘It would be great if…?’ ideas that might have crossed your mind. From simple tweaks that will save you precious time to more transformative changes, students should feel empowered to voice their opinions on what we could do better as a business school and a community.

What does Feedback Week involve?

Feedback Week is a series of interactive events for all students to get involved in every trimester and offers the opportunity for feedback to be provided both publicly and anonymously. Below are some of the many Feedback Week events that take place:

Student feedback forums with our Academic Dean, James Adonopoulos, who carefully listens to students voice their thoughts in person.

– The Student Experience Learning and Teaching Survey (SELTS) that’s delivered anonymously in classrooms, taking just a few minutes to complete.

Feedback Boards that pose a new question every day for answering. If you like this, then also stick your ideas straight up onto the post-it note walls.

Suggestion boxes for individualised feedback. There’s no agenda, so students can provide feedback on whatever topic they’d like. There’s also a suggestion box for the Student Liaison Group, a group appointed by other students to represent their interests.

Listening is all well and good but for feedback to be effective it must have an impact – we want students to see changes in action and become co-creators of their learning experiences.

Having said that, our commitment to you for 2018 includes:

You asked for: More options for their MBA subject offerings.

We will: Offer all core MBA subjects every trimester from Trimester 3, 2018.

You asked for: Kaplan Business School to become more sustainable with recycling.

We will: Implement coloured-recycling bins across each of our campuses by the end of 2018.

You asked for: A new game in the breakout areas.

We will: Order new games for the breakout areas by the end of Trimester 2, 2018.

You asked for: More power outlets around their campuses to charge their devices.

We will: Install power board towers in key areas by the end of Trimester 2, 2018.

You asked for: More resources in the libraries.

We will: Commit to ordering over 500 additional, prescribed textbooks for our libraries by the end of Trimester 2, 2018.

You asked for: Direct notifications when in-trimester grades are released on MyKBS.

We will: Send an e-mail to students when in-trimester grades are released, by the end of Trimester 2, 2018.

We’re dedicated to constant improvement and it’s essential you’re involved in this process. After all, you’re the ones who know what you need to succeed – we’re here to create success together.

For your diary: make sure you don’t miss our next Feedback Week, scheduled for 10-14 September (Week 9, Semester 2).

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