Retail Promotion Strategies That Bring Home The Bacon


Let’s face it, the more people you attract to your retail business, the more sales you are likely to have. If you’re thinking about opening a business (or are already a business owner), make sure you leverage these 5 retail promotion strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Stand Out

One of the best ways to bring people in is to offer something different from everyone else. If you are the same as every other company similar to you, what reason do customers have to buy from you. Think about how your retail business is different and better than your competition. Why do your return customers keep coming back? If you aren’t sure, ask them! Once you figure it out, use it in your promotional materials and build your brand around it.

Be Authentic

Stay true to your brand mission to create a strong following. Once you make a stand on what your brand is all about, stay consistent with that message. It will become recognizable in your marketing materials and help customers stay loyal. People want to know who they are buying from and don’t want to see confusing messages. Customers will return to companies with brands they know and trust and will also recommend those companies to their friends.

Social Media

Promote your retail business on many social media avenues to build and promote your business. You need to find the social media avenues that your audience frequents and be active and consistent on them. Make sure your content stays consistent with your brand and product and stay away from fad posts that don’t support your brand message. Just because a trend is popular with one group doesn’t mean your customers will feel the same media

Reward Programs and Contests

Customers love programs that reward them for being loyal and will likely return more often if they have an incentive. Maybe it is a free gift card when they buy a certain amount or a punch card that gets them a free product after ten visits? Not only will this increase return customers, those customers will share news of your program with other potential customers. You could also consider a contest for potential customers to drive them to your store. The best prizes would be items or products from your store for further promotion.


This avenue will cost money of course and certain types of advertising will get you different price points. You can advertise on social media like Facebook and Twitter or sign up for Google AdWords to promote your business. There are also more traditional ads like ads in print or even TV commercials to get your name out there. Have business cards made so that you can give them to new connections you meet everywhere from the grocery store to your local coffeehouse.

To bring in the most cash flow to your retail business you want to drive traffic to your physical store or website storefront. Promoting your business is the best way to do just that. There are so many ideas for getting your business in front of potential customers. For more retail promotion strategies, check out this article from Business Victoria or this list of 50 marketing tips from Mike Michalowicz.