Post-Study Life: Top 10 Things To Look Forward To…

post student life

Post-Study Life: Top 10 Things To Look Forward To…

Okay, so student life may not have been a walk in the park – with the endless assignments, the long nights of cramming for the next exam, rushing to finish your next online course or dashing to the next class.

Of course, it doesn’t end there – post-grad life will still have its share of up’s and down’s, and there will still be constant challenges to be faced as you adapt to your new life. But as you prepare yourself for the workforce, there are many new and exciting opportunities that await you. Here are 10 things you can now look forward to as a newly graduated Kaplan Business School student!

  • Relaxation: The chance to lay low for a bit and get in some rest before starting job prospecting in earnest. Now’s the perfect time for that road trip you’ve been talking about with friends all year!
  • Networking: The opportunity to reach out and connect with new companies, organisations, groups and individuals during job prospecting
  • Deliberate moves: Unlike graduate life, where you HAD to follow a set curriculum or schedule, and take a specific course to get a particular degree; post-graduate life is often guided by deliberate and thoughtful career moves that YOU determine are best for YOU
  • Makeovers: As a graduate student, you may have needed to maintain a certain ‘appearance’ to fit in. Now that you are ‘out’, YOU get to decide how to makeover your wardrobe or do-over your personal appearance to fit your post-grad lifestyle
  • Employment: You can look forward to starting your first full-time job; making new professional friends, and creating new professional networks
post student life
Now’s the perfect time for that road trip you’ve been talking about with friends all year!
  • Enhancing your professional skills: Pre-graduation focus is on ‘getting that degree’. Post graduate life is about adding value to that degree. YOU get to decide what else YOU wish to study or learn to enhance your personal and professional skills – Piano lessons? Advanced Calculus? Forensic Accounting?
  • Greater personal freedoms: Post graduation brings freedom from campus regimens or the ‘Mom & Dad Law of The Land’ – often for the very first time in a while: Stay out late (within reason – especially if you are working!); visit friends whenever you like (provided they don’t mind the company!); If you lived with mom and dad, you can now even contemplate getting a puppy or a cat once you move out
  • In the black: No more running up a tab at the coffee place or the restaurant! You can look forward to your first ‘real’ paycheck and a steady income stream for the first time in a while!
  • Financial Independence: You can look forward to cutting yourself lose from ‘The Bank of Mom & Dad’ (Oh bummer!!); be responsible for your financial future; start saving in earnest for life ahead
  • Financial freedom: As a working member of society, you’ll have the ability to decide what to buy, where to spend. But make no mistake, you’ll have tough choices too – Vacation in Cairns or fly to Hawaii? Rent an apartment or put a down payment for a townhouse? Should you buy a Civic, Lexus or that Fiesta you’ve always dreamed of owning?
post student life
Happy graduates!


Sure…there’ll be ‘serious’ stuff too – like attending meetings, WRITING emails instead of Texting (What?…Seriously?), filing taxes, paying for coffee instead of running a tab…and more. But on the whole, life after graduation is filled with independence, freedom and plenty of opportunity to grow and put your degree to great use.

At Kaplan Business School, our objective is not just to make you succeed in getting that degree – but to also ensure your success extends far beyond life on campus. We support our students with practical resources that you can use to make post grad life on the ‘outside’ a grand success. Remember, it’s only when you succeed, that we succeed.

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