November’s Careers Success Story of the Month: Felipe Rios Ribeiro

Published 12 December 2017

It’s that time again- Career Central’s Success Story of the Month time! This month, we’re happy to announce Filipe Rios Ribeiro as the recipient of this prestigious title. Originally from Brazil, Felipe has worked hard during his time studying a Master of Accounting at KBS Sydney. He’s scored great marks while also getting a paid work-placement at finance company Stone and Chalk, with a little help from the Careers Central team. Felipe’s positive attitude has made him well-liked around campus and on the job. Congratulations Felipe, keep doing what you’re doing! Here are a few words with Felipe about life, studies and how he achieved his career success.

What brought you to Australia?

For me, it was a family plan which my wife and I decided together. We aimed to achieve two things: for her to improve her English, and for me to take another professional step after my MBA.

In my previous work as an Engineer, I missed the academic and theoretical knowledge I needed to engage in discussions centred on finance as part of my projects. So, studying a Master of Accounting was the perfect fit.


What makes KBS a unique place to study?

Kaplan’s reputation in Accounting is excellent, and that’s what differentiated Kaplan from other institutions. Also, I felt welcomed as an international student, something that doesn’t happen in all institutions in Australia. Kaplan’s culture seems shaped to accommodate several cultures and to give us the best part of them all (including the Australian culture). The cultural exchange is really rich, and I’m sure it has enhanced my learning experience.


How has Careers Central contributed to your professional development so far?

When I started at KBS, I decided to use everything KBS had to offer. I started interacting with Careers Central from day one. I attended workshops on resumes, on how to improve my networks and make opportunities for myself. The assistance I received from Careers Central was a game changer for me.

It’s not always easy to settle when you come to a new country, and you can often end up in less meaningful jobs outside of the industry you’re hoping to enter. However, the Careers Central team at KBS gave me new tools and helped me adjust my mindset to take advantage of the best opportunities Australia has to offer. It’s not only important to know where to look for a job, but also to have the right skill set, the right attitude and to understand the “do’s” and “don’ts” of the work culture in Australia.


What do you do outside of KBS?

I’m currently working for two companies. I’m working as a project manager for IT Company Levo Group. I’m also working at Financial Innovation company Stone and Chalk as an Intern, a position I was introduced to by KBS’ Careers Central.

I also love music, so I’m always with friends playing, singing or just chilling while listening to good music.


What is your most significant career achievement so far?

I work in a company with projects and clients, and stepping out of the hospitality industry was meaningful to me. Once you get in a new country, even though you have skills and background, there’s always doubts such as: Will I fit in this new environment? Can I make my background useful somehow? Will I be able to connect this with my previous experiences and therefore, grow professionally? To feel as if I’m adding value to a company and being recognised has been motivating.


What are the three most important things you look for in work?

What’s important when I look for work is that it must be challenging, meaningful and impactful. I like to feel like I’m making a difference. I feel motivated when I know I’m making a positive impact.


What would be your dream job?

I love helping companies and managers to improve their business, whether it’s related to their numbers, operations, processes, etc. Any work that allows me to work closely with the leadership team and help them operate better would be ideal for me.


Why should any employer be lucky to have you working for them?

I believe I can be an asset to a company for a few reasons. As an international student, I bring the extra qualities of courage and learning from the experience of having lived in several contexts. I’m motivated by challenges, and I embrace problems, rather than running away from them.

Being in Australia improved my learning capacity, which is way faster now and I believe that being a fast learner is a valuable asset to companies. My understanding of how companies work has much improved, and therefore I can contribute a lot more to the business environment. I’ve also learned how to be ready for bigger challenges and stretch my ambitions, so I feel well prepared to be a leader in a variety of contexts.

Thanks for all your hard work and for choosing to come to KBS, Felipe. You’re an asset to Kaplan Business School, and we can’t wait to see where you end up in the future. No doubt, it will be somewhere fantastic! We wish you all the best of luck.