New Student Orientation: Boost your Career from ‘Day O’

New Student Orientation: Boost your Career from ‘Day O’

Published 24th July, 2018

New student orientation can sometimes seem like a day full of paper-pushing administration, scheduling and awkward hellos, that must be endured to get to the ‘good stuff’ of learning.

But, take a moment to consider this – it’s the first day of a new, exciting stage in your life. It’s also a valuable opportunity to make a great first impression and take some important steps to build your career from day zero. Plus, you might even have fun (and make some new friends) while you’re doing it!

Orientation at KBS

“Have a look around. These are your new teachers, mentors and friends,” said Alexander Reeman-Clark, General Manager, Student Experience, in his opening address on the KBS Sydney campus.

Orientations were held across all four KBS campuses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide from 10 to 12 of July. Students attended one day depending on whether they were studying an MBA, accounting degree or Diploma/Bachelor.

Subject enrolment was only a small part of the day’s agenda which covered all aspects of student life – academic, social, work, career planning and much more. Sessions included an interactive careers presentation, networking lunch, speed friending run by student ambassadors, and students also had the chance to hear insights and ask questions from a current KBS student.

New student, Niranjan Khadka had only arrived in Australia from Nepal two days before his KBS Orientation at the Sydney campus on 11 July.

“I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and was preparing myself for a day of paperwork and enrolment. There was a closeness about this Orientation that I didn’t expect. It was a good balance of providing information but also engaging in the social part of student life.

I really like the networking lunch and speed friending. I’ve already made six friends! It feels like a proper welcome to Australia.”

Here’s a few tips on how to do your orientation like a CEO in training:

1. Network and find some potential mentors.

Mentors and networks are invaluable when you’re building your career. The friends you make in your student life, you keep for your professional life, so don’t be shy!

Introduce yourself to some of the key staff members and facilitators you’ll be interacting with and talk to your teachers about what kind of additional help they can offer you. Take the time to ask about how you can become a student ambassador as this will open different avenues for you; at KBS it means you’re eligible for the KBS Career Mentorship Program.

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Winners are grinners! KBS ran an Instagram competition where students could win a $100 RedBalloon gift voucher by taking and posting a photo with a new friend on campus.

2. Find out about all the resources your school has to offer, so you can start taking advantage of them straight away.

Wherever you study, there’s always more to your school than what’s in the curriculum. Don’t miss out on all those resources at your disposal. Find out what’s available and sign up.

At KBS, each state of the art campus has a range of facilities to help you get the most out of your education. Plus, there are different services available to help support you in your course and career.

Did you know you could access Academic Internships, partnerships, mentoring programs, and job searching assistance at Careers Central? Student services also provide assistance for international students; so don’t be afraid to ask for help.


At KBS, our major focus at Orientation is to give our new students a personalised experience and tell them about all the resources that will give them the best opportunity for success. Instead of overloading our students with new information, we run a series of engaging presentations and activities, so we can get to know them and focus on their specific goals, – Alexander Reeman-Clark.

3. Use it as an opportunity to get organised

Don’t wait until your first day to set yourself up for success. Orientation is a great opportunity to tick off important ‘to-do’ tasks that will help you get ahead in your studies. A few suggestions:

  • Check the bulletin boards on campus to find out about programs and resources available to you, as well as upcoming events
  • Take some time to learn your way around – locate classrooms you will need to find on your first day and quiet nooks for study
  • Put assignment due dates in your diary
  • Take note of your lecturers’ names, rooms and consultation times
  • Make an appointment with a career’s officer
  • Find out about all the equipment you might need for your course – laptop, notebooks, folders etc. Any excuse for a trip to Officeworks right? If you haven’t discovered Officeworks yet you’re in for a treat.

View our future students Orientation Day page to find out about upcoming orientation dates.

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