MBA Quiz: Is an MBA specialisation the right fit for you?

Published 10 April 2019

MBA Quiz: Is an MBA specialisation the right fit for you?

Have you decided to study an MBA, but feeling a little overwhelmed by the different MBA specialisations and course options? We’ve created an MBA quiz to help you discover what might be the right fit for your career path.

These days, you have plenty of choices when it comes to enrolling in an MBA program. At KBS, there are seven different specialisations on offer covering a range of fields, from managing health service facilities to digital management. You can choose to specialise in:

But then again, if you prefer to remain flexible in your career path, you also have the option of studying a general MBA. Our MBA quiz below can help you decide.

What does it mean to specialise?

An MBA is typically a two-year master’s degree that teaches a broad range of subjects allowing you to develop and progress in a managerial career. What you actually ‘manage’ depends on your interests and career goals, and can span across roles within government, private business or non-profit sectors.

A specialisation means that your MBA will be tailored to a specific industry. At KBS for example, rather than choosing from five electives as part of a general MBA, you will choose two electives, and study three specialisation core subjects.

If you’re focused on a career in one area, this means you will graduate with a unique skill set that could help you stand out to potential employers in your field.

The newly launched MBA (Tourism and Hospitality Leadership), for example, was created by KBS in response to a growing demand for managers with skills specific to this booming industry.

The number of visitors to Australia is growing by around 5-7% each year, making this one of the top 5 high-growth sectors. More than 270 new hotels are in the pipeline for completion in Australia within the next few years, and these are all going to need managers with specific skills!

MBA quiz

The MBA (Tourism and Hospitality Leadership) takes two years to complete: the same length of time as a general MBA. In addition to the core content, you learn industry-specific subjects such as Destination and Visitor Management and Managing in Service-Based Industries. 

MBA specialisation versus a general MBA

We’ve established what an MBA specialisation is all about. Now, let’s look at the pros of both, so you can make an informed decision.

MBA Specialisation


  • You get a specialised skill set in your field as well as general MBA skills (such as leadership and strategic thinking and planning), making you more competent as a manager in your chosen industry.
  • You get a head start in that field (in the eyes of recruiters) compared to a general MBA graduate.
  • You can apply your new skills and knowledge directly to work you’re already doing in your career.

General MBA


  • You will receive a broad education in business management and leadership, and learn foundational skills across all specialties including communication, problem-solving, as well as creative and critical thinking.
  • These general MBA skills can be applied to a range of different fields, making you a flexible professional.
  • The flexibility of a general MBA may make it easier for you to change careers down the track if you become interested in a different industry or job function.

Whether you choose a general or specialised MBA ultimately depends on your unique interests, and how sure you are of your career trajectory.

 To help you figure that out, we’ve developed this quick MBA quiz!

How did you score? Have you decided whether a specialisation is the right fit for you?

If you’ve still got questions, why not talk to one of our helpful student advisors.
Or, see here for more information on the general MBA and seven different specialisations available at Kaplan Business School.

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