KBS Careers Success Story of the Month: Chloe Ahn Nguyen

Published 7 November 2017

Every month at KBS, Careers Central picks a student to feature as our Careers Success Story. We’re thrilled to announce October’s Success Story, Chloe Ahn Nguyen. Congratulations, Chloe! Your hard work has paid off, and all of us are very proud of your achievements.

Originally from Vietnam, Chloe graduated from a Bachelor of Finance from the University of Adelaide in 2015. Deciding to extend her studies, she came to our Adelaide campus in 2016 to start her Master of Professional Accounting. During her time with us she was an excellent student, consistently getting high distinctions in her subjects. So when an opportunity for placement came up, the staff at KBS knew she’d do well.

With a lot of hard work and support from Careers Central, she secured a placement at Expert Education Visa Services. They were so happy with her that they offered her a permanent part-time position. She’s now been working there since September last year.

This week we had a chat with Chloe to find out how she’s enjoying her job and asked her a few things about her pathway through KBS and beyond.

What made you decide to study at KBS?

I knew KBS through a few of my friends’ recommendations. I then did some research on this institution and realised that the school has more advantages than others. KBS is in the centre of the city. They have a Master of Professional Accounting that can be completed in only one year and three months. The course is registered with CRICOS, and they have a campus in Melbourne and Sydney. Moreover, KBS is multicultural with students from places such as Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Nepal and India.


What challenges did you face during your time with us?

When I was studying at KBS, the first thing that challenged me was the long class time. While I was studying for my Bachelor degree, the tutorials and the lectures were separated, so each of them took around 1-2 hours every day. It took a bit of time to adjust, but then things went fine.

Overall, KBS delivers a comprehensive academic system to international students. The class was small (around 20 students at the time), so I had plenty of chances to speak and discuss anything with my lectures. Plus, the teaching method was easy to understand, meaning students are motivated to attend classes and pay attention.


How has Careers Central helped your career?

In July 2016, I received an email from a Careers Officer at KBS regarding a potential placement at Expert Education and Visa Services. I was then given help from a staff member at Careers Central with my Resume preparation. I got an interview shortly afterwards. I remember it was on Wednesday and the next day I received an email confirming that the placement was approved!

After a 3-month placement at Expert Education, I started working as a paid employee. Now, I’m working at Expert Education 4 days a week as an Education Counsellor and Client Relations Manager.

What is your most significant achievement so far?

Achieving a high level of performance at KBS and securing this part-time permanent position at Expert Education and Visa Services.


How is your new position going?

My job is going well. I’m currently an Education Agent, Counsellor and Client Relations Manager at Expert Education and Visa Services. Thank you to Kaplan Business School for giving me this opportunity! I love what I’m doing, helping other international students to achieve their aspirations. I also like to interact with people, so this job suits me well. I’m working with a fabulous team. They help me improve and provide training if necessary. We are supporting each other while working here.


What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that my skills for this job will improve and allow me to grow even more.  

At KBS, we understand how hard our students work to get what they want in life, so we think it’s important to celebrate their achievements. Careers Central play a pivotal role in our success and has you covered- whether you’re starting your career from scratch or looking to advance the one you already have. Follow in the footsteps of Chloe and create pathways that lead to career success.