K-Week at KBS: The Full Breakdown

Published 5 December 2017

K-Week at KBS: The Full Breakdown

Put down your textbooks and free up your calendars! This week, our much-anticipated K-Week for Trimester 3, 2017 kicked off nation-wide. We’re hosting a wide range of thrilling activities, workshops and social events which are taking place across all KBS campuses. K-Week is a great way to make new friends and learn important things. We caught up with our Campus Managers from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide to get the breakdown on what’s going on in each location for Trimester 3, 2017. See below!


At our Melbourne campus this week, there are some festive Christmas celebrations unfolding. Students and staff have come up with some brilliant real-world Christmas footage, with students invited to write messages for friends and hang them on the campus Christmas tree. There’s also a finding Santa Christmas game and some career workshops from Student Ambassadors and Alumni Panel.

“Creating engagement amongst students and around the campus is the main purpose of K-Week. Students can have some fun, increase their networking, and make friends during their studies with us.”- Fiona Henderson, Campus Manager at KBS Melbourne


There’s a diverse range of activities lined up for K-Week Sydney, beginning with professional development and culminating in games all around campus. On Monday, students started their week with learning at the Linkedin social media networking workshop. Tuesday followed by a Sydney city tour and meeting Student Ambassadors. On Wednesday, there is a lunch, and you can learn about how to enjoy the beach with a swimming safe demonstration. Get your local knowledge ready for Australian quiz time with Rebecca on Thursday. Last but not least, Friday is going to be loads of fun- don’t miss the KBS Games day with corridor cricket, Jenga and other treats.

“We arrange fun activities for the students so that they can make new friends. Quite often the students have not been in the country too long, and this is a way that they can make new friends and a find support network while they are studying with us.” – Darren O’Connell, Campus Manager at KBS Sydney


Adelaide’s K-Week line up is also jam-packed. The week started with an Academic Quiz. Then on Tuesday, we had successful KBS Alumni come over to talk to existing students about their experiences. There’s a lavish barbeque planned for Thursday afternoon. To end K-Week with a bang on Friday, we’ll be celebrating all the different cultures our students come from with some international activities and food.

“K-Week events are designed to bring our students together in more relaxed settings. The students have the opportunity to learn, network and have fun. The last K-Week event (International Day) is being conceptualised and executed by our Student Ambassadors, for whom this is an engaging experience. Some of them have never been involved in organising such events and are relishing the chance.” – Amanda Taylor, Campus Manager at KBS Adelaide.


Everyone at our Brisbane campus has been super excited about the line up of events planned for all our students in the Sunshine State. On Monday, the week kicked off with a Ping Pong Tournament. On Tuesday, a guest Surf Life Saver came and shared his knowledge of Australian beaches and how to be safe. The following day, a visiting Alumni panel will answer your questions about life after graduation, and you get to try some delicious Australian treats.

“The KBS student experience is not only about providing support to our students, but it’s also about providing our students with interesting workshop and a bit of fun.

KBS runs a Student Ambassador program. These Ambassadors provide a connection between staff and students. The Student Ambassadors are heavily involved in the planning and execution of K-Week as with all the other student events.” ­- Arturo Hijuelos, Student Experience Officer at KBS Brisbane

From all the staff at KBS, have a fantastic K-Week everyone!