Why an Internship Is Your Secret Weapon to Success

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Why an Internship Is Your Secret Weapon to Success

In today’s challenging job market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for graduates to launch their fledgling careers. With fierce competitiveness and plenty of willing candidates, employers now have the luxury of demanding the highest standards from their prospective employees. A degree alone is no longer the magical key it once was—companies now recognise that practical work experience is just as important as educational achievement when recruiting new staff.

However, this poses a predictable problem: how can students gain experience when employers are only hiring people who are already experienced?

Internships: the Bridge Between Education and Employment

Internships offer students the perfect opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience in their chosen field. Some consider an internship as a natural progression post-degree. However, there is no reason why a placement cannot be taken on while studying, thus increasing the likelihood of being hired as soon as possible after graduation. Starting an internship while still studying gives you an edge and drastically improves your employability once qualified. In fact, some students choose to do a number of internships, expanding their career options and prospects even further.

Whether unpaid or (in rare cases) paid, an internship helps to develop a professional profile for candidates with no previous experience. Rather than considering it “work,” it should be viewed as an extension to your education, a chance to practise what you have learned, and advance your skills in your area of study.

What Are the Benefits of Completing an Internship?
An internship goes beyond providing practical experience and looking good on your CV. There are many other benefits, including:

Networking Opportunities

An internship is the ideal setting to expand your network of professional contacts—use it to build relationships with others in your field, from fellow interns right up to company CEOs. These contacts may later prove invaluable for everything from simple career advice to job and character references. If you really stand out during your internship, you may even be lucky enough to get a permanent job offer from the company.

Improving Your Professional Skills

The right placement will help you to build on the professional skills you learned in college. Furthermore, the practical experience you gain will also prepare you for future interviews and candidacies—it allows you to demonstrate your abilities to prospective employers by detailing the duties you fulfilled as an intern.

Boosting Your Industry Knowledge

An internship is a great way to discover the reality of working in your chosen field. You get to test drive your future career before making a final decision on whether it’s the correct path for you or not. Along with gaining industry knowledge, working in a business setting will also build your professional confidence giving you that all-important advantage when it comes to interviewing for future positions.

A degree alone is no longer the magical key it once was—companies now recognise that practical work experience is just as important as educational achievement when recruiting new staff.

How Do I Find the Right Internship?
Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! At Kaplan Business School, we have a dedicated team of career advisors on hand to help you polish your professional persona and find the perfect placement to match your skills. We provide a wide range of services via our Career Services aimed at giving you the best chance in the job market, including:

Internships and Industry Placements

We match your skills with our database of available internships, ensuring that your placement is a relevant and enriching experience for you.

Career Guidance

Unsure about your opportunities? A one-on-one session with a certified career counsellor will help you explore your options fully.

Cover Letter and Resume Preparation

Great applicants often fall at the first hurdle with a sloppy resume or badly written cover letter. Our experts will show you how to write a succinct and relevant history, outlining your full abilities and demonstrating exactly why you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Networking Techniques and Interview Preparation

Don’t sell yourself short! We’ll show you how to put your best foot forward and shine. Our networking and interview coaching will prepare you for real-life situations, boosting your confidence and helping you to perform to the best of your abilities in face-to-face situations.

Professional Social Media Profiles

In this digital age, your professional online presence is a vital networking tool. Our social media specialists will advise which platforms are best to establish your online persona, and will teach you the best techniques to maintain and boost your profile.

So no need to wait until you’ve completed your studies—get in touch with us to begin your journey to finding your dream job today!