Humans of KBS: Asli’s Story

Published 30 August, 2018

If I had the chance to choose a superpower, I would ask for the ability to understand and speak all the languages in the world.

Asli Savranoglu (Master of Accounting, KBS)

Asli Guner Savranoglu arrived in Australia from Turkey in 2016, with her husband and daughter. Originally a graduate of economics, Asli worked as a chartered accountant in Turkey for ten years. She loves her work in this field because it gives her an opportunity to help people.

“I used to be the teacher to my dolls when I was a child. Now, I want to be a financial consultant to advise people about what they can do to get better options in their life.”

After a decade in the same role in Turkey’s capital, Ankara, she decided it was time for a change in life. She always loved learning about different cultures and wanted to pursue an international career. For that, she knew she would have to improve her English and get an international accounting licence, through ACCA.

She enrolled in a Master of Accounting at KBS in Brisbane and made the big move with her family to Australia in 2016.

My father has always been a great mentor to me. He advised me to find ways to improve my skills, and so far, I think I’ve managed this. Travelling to Australia has been a big step for my current and future career. 

Improving my language skills has been my first priority. I also wanted to study accounting to prepare for the ACCA exams. I thought going through a university would revolve more around academic outcomes, so I decided a business school would be better for my career ambitions. KBS offered what I was looking for and I am happy with my decision.”

When Asli was considering where to move, she had a family to think about, too. She had to be sure they were going somewhere they could have a good life together, even if it was just for a while. 

“Australia seemed to be the best option, and I thought Brisbane would be great for my family because of the weather and standard of living. There are lots of parks and playgrounds where I can take my daughter and enjoy spending time with my family.

I love lots of places here in Brisbane but if I have guests from overseas, I would take them to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to meet cute koalas and kangaroos. Roma Street Parklands and City Botanic Gardens are also nice places to spend the day.”

Moving overseas for study can be challenging. Fortunately for Asli, she found Australia to be welcoming, so it was easy to adapt. In some ways, she thinks it’s not so different from Turkey.  

“Both countries are similar, in that people are warm and friendly. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is the weather, because it never snows here in Brisbane and it’s always sunny, even in winter.”

Studying in a foreign country is certainly a unique experience. You are learning about your host country, but you also get to know lots of other students from all over the world. For someone like Asli who is excited by other cultures, it’s a great opportunity to grow. 

“I made good friends from all around the world at KBS, and the exposure to cultural diversity helped me to learn about human nature and widened my views.”

After moving to Brisbane two years ago, Asli has now settled into a routine and a life in Australia. What does her day-to-day life look like?

“Ever since I began study in 2003, I have always started the day early. Having breakfast with family members is a daily tradition. Then, I get ready for work or school. It has always been difficult to kiss my daughter goodbye in the morning. I try to work and study efficiently during the day.

I have lots of hobbies but unfortunately, I don’t have so much spare time nowadays.

I like reading novels and noting down quotes. I also like watching movies with my husband. I love travelling, and in future I want to take overseas trips to different countries to experience their food and culture.”

Asli has a strong set of values that she has always lived by. These values steer the direction of her life and career.

Her biggest mentor is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder and progressive first president of the modern Turkish Republic.

“In my opinion, he was the greatest leader of twentieth century because he created a strong nation with his revolutionary vision. His ideas were beyond the era he lived in. ‘Peace at home, peace in the world.’ This quote by Ataturk, summarises my vision of life. My strong will to do good makes me who I am. If people think I am a reliable person, it is the best compliment I can get.”

Graduation is coming up soon for Asli, and she’s excited to see where her new knowledge and skills will take her. Whatever her next move is, you can be sure it will be shaped by those same values that brought her to Australia; learning about cultures and being a positive person in the world. Watch this space!

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