Humans Of KBS: Montana

Published 19 December 2017

As an international student studying at KBS, you are destined to become an exceptional graduate equipped with the tools to lead, manage and succeed around the business globe. Humans of KBS is where we celebrate our diverse and wonderful group of students with a unique series of posts. This time around, we’d like you to meet Montana from KBS Adelaide!

Montana is a Master of Accounting student who asserts studying at KBS over the past year has changed her perspectives on life. Her devoted passion for Accounting is mostly based on her high level of spatial intelligence. “I am a puzzle solver. I solve the Rubik’s cube every day and delve into my brain teasers, puzzles and numbers games.” It’s no secret that at KBS, you are privileged to have meaningful interactions with your lecturers and fellow students and have expert Student Services and Careers Central dedicated to maximising your potential. With this said, Montana feels like she can make a fortune in her future.

At KBS I feel empowered to create my own fortune. You hear people say when you work, you make money for a living, but when you really learn and build yourself, then you can really set yourself up for your future.

Montana prioritises her studies above everything else and loves it when she’s at home in her living environment. “Imagine me at my well-organised desk near a window pane. Most evenings, I have my list of things to do, 90% of which have been checked. I’ll be sitting at my desk comfortably watching the sunset as I solve my Rubik’s cube and admire my beautiful plant which has a grown flower. I make sure I have the time to relax and play”. With all the hustle and bustle, Montana ensures that by the end of the day, she keeps enough time free to relax and will often ride her bike down to the neighbourhood Prospect Estate Park to enjoy the stimulating waterfalls and fountains. If a friend is visiting from overseas, Montana will take them to the Adelaide Riverbank, so they can enjoy the beautiful scenery and talk about their life stories and the future.

It’s beguiling to see how Montana’s aspirations of what she wanted to be while younger have starkly changed now she is a KBS student. She says “I wanted to become a nun since I was five years old so I could pray for other people and help make their wishes come true.” This all transformed once Montana discovered her passion for puzzles and brain teasers and embarked on her educational journey in Australia.

I still want to help people build their dreams, but I can do this while using my talents for the better good of society. Life should be enjoyed by travelling the world. Philanthropy will weave itself in-between.

I plan to be a member of CPA and build my own business that can sell all sorts of puzzles and bring people together for brain exercise.

The added benefits of having meaningful relationships with KBS staff is that you can build your network of industry professionals and develop your career opportunities. If Montana could sit one-on-one with someone on a park bench for 10 minutes, it would be with her substitute lecturer for Economics, Marc Dawes, who she admires for his passion for the subject and his interactive teaching skills. Montana says she would “ask Mr Dawes about his philosophies in life and what advice he has for a person like me on how to maximise my career opportunities available at KBS”.

Supplementing Mr Dawes expertise, Montana would choose Brazilian novelist Paula Coelho as her international leader for the day because his books inspire her through their metaphors. “My favourite book of his, the Alchemist, illustrates that everyone is capable of realising their dreams despite whatever circumstances you may be in. You just have to take leaps of faith and believe you can achieve the things you want.”

Montana looks forward to spending time with her close family and friends again and hopes they will come and visit soon. Since being in Australia, she says she has “never been any kinder or more respectful in life.” At KBS, we are a closely-knit family, and we all care so much about one another.

To end with is an excellent quote from Montana’s favourite poet, Max Ehrmann:

“No matter what, the world will still be beautiful. Be cheerful and strive to be happy.”