Humans of KBS: Bart De Fluiter

Humans of KBS

Bart is one of our Bachelor of Business (Accounting) students from KBS Brisbane. Word on campus was that he was a black belt Shodan at karate, and naturally we just had to have a chat with him about it! Here’s his interview below:

What is the most important life lesson you have learnt from your years studying at Kaplan Business School?

Patience! When starting my Bachelor of Business (Accounting), all I wanted to do was learn and look at job opportunities and the excitement of a new career is hard to contain. Patience is also important when working with other people. You will have group assignments in almost all your subjects and everybody has different views and works at different rates. Patience will go a long way with keeping harmony within your group.

How does that help you in your everyday life and your work life?

That patience comes with a new understanding about how people work.

What led you to choose Kaplan Business School?

Kaplan Business School appealed to me because it’s a school that doesn’t let you get lost in the crowd. Class sizes are small and you have great access to great lecturers. Kaplan Business School sets you up to be work ready, they don’t just give you a degree and send you on your way.

Did you encounter any bumps along the way?

Not yet, if there is ever an issue or problem, it has been easy to fix or work out very easily. The support staff are very helpful and are always keen to help you.

What motivates you?

I have a real drive to succeed. I want to set myself and my family up so we can live well long into the future.

Bart the karate kid

If you could spend 10 minutes talking to anybody on a park bench, who would it be? Why?

This is a tough one. If it were someone famous or influential like Richard Branson, I don’t know if you could really get much value out of just ten minutes. So, I am going to say my Olpa (Dutch for grandfather). He died just before I was born and I’ve always been told we were very alike.

Do you have any secret talents?

I’m not sure if it is all that hidden, but I have been training in Karate for about ten years now. I am a Shodan (black belt) and have taught some self-defence classes at Kaplan.

How did you get into Karate?

As a child, I was bullied a lot and in my early adult years this affected me quite a bit. I decided to try Karate both as a hobby and a sport to keep fit, but also for myself. I had heard that karate strengthens the mind as much as it does the body and that Karate philosophy permeates through everyday life.

How has Karate helped you in your studies? Has it been beneficial to your focus and mental sharpness?

It absolutely has been a help! The mental fortitude that comes with training has helped me be more focused and organised (which is a must when studying — being organised is paramount!). I know I wouldn’t have been able to do this degree ten years ago, my mental discipline was just not strong enough.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate?

I will be taking advantage of the career advisors here at Kaplan Business School. I will look to achieve a graduate position with the Big 4, like KPMG or EY, and build my experience in business management accounting. I also want to start my own business on the side and create multiple streams of income.

What makes you passionate about work?

Well I won’t lie, money is a factor. Successful accountants can do very well for themselves. I also see a lot of people who are essentially illiterate when it comes to money management and I want to change that. I want to be able to help people get money savvy and better at personal wealth growth.

Ideally, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself still working in The Big 4, but also with a side accounting business, living up the sunshine coast with a few acres and a couple of kids.

If you were given a grant of $500k, what business would you start up?

This might be a little left of field, but I would probably set up both an accounting business (or buy one) and look to build a venture capital brand. I would love to be able to help others with building the financial processes a business needs and maintaining those books for a share of the business as a return.