‘Am I Going to Get Hired?!’ Forecasts for MBA Graduate Opportunities Just Released: You’ll be Surprised by the Results

You’re nearing the end of the student marathon. A year or two ago, you decided to invest a lot of time and money into furthering your career by taking on an MBA. You may even have said goodbye at the airport and taken on the extra challenge of becoming an international student. Now, your graduation date is creeping up, and you’re considering the economic environment you’re about to enter. With Brexit, Trump and the growing pushback against globalisation, the world seems like an uncertain place for business right now. You’re starting to wonder, ‘Is my investment going to pay off?’

The latest research has just come out, and it’s good news! Despite all the talk of abandoning free trade and shutting borders, the business world is thriving. As the statistics from these just-released surveys will tell you, demand for domestic and international graduates continues to grow.

The Latest Stats for MBAs: GMAC Survey

This week, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) released the findings of its 2017 Corporate Recruiters Survey, conducted earlier in the year. The results are based on a sample group of 959 employers, representing more than 628 companies in 51 countries worldwide. The aim of the survey is to discover whether employers intend on hiring business graduates in the immediate future. Here are some of their key results.

According to these forecasts, not only will you get a job once you graduate; you can also expect to earn more money this year. The GMAC survey also says that 52% of global companies are planning on increasing MBA base salaries, and 18% of those above the rate of inflation. Plus, graduates should take note that results indicated a growing demand for specialised MBAs, with a particular focus on data analytics, information systems and supply chain management.

The Latest Stats for International Students: AIDF Survey

Another study by the Australian International Directors’ Forum was released just this week. The survey targeted international and Australian students who graduated in Australia from 2012-14 and questioned them about their career path up to 3 years after graduation. Respondents represented 143 nationalities, but the largest groups were from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, USA, Pakistan and Canada. The findings from this survey show that international graduates from Australian schools are almost universally finding employment, with the same success rates as domestic students. Here are a few of the stats.

  • Only 4% of respondents reported being unemployed and looking for work three years after graduation.
  • Of the 2014 class, just under 50% had returned to their home country after graduation, while 43% remained in Australia.
  • The majority of international graduates reported earning higher incomes than the average in their country of origin and progressing quickly in their careers.
  • 50% of employed respondents worked in four sectors: Education and Training, Finance and Insurance Services, Health Care and Social Assistance, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services.
  • 81% of graduates stated that their education was worth the financial investment.

So, for those domestic and international students about to graduate, rest easy. The latest indicators show your investment is very likely to pay off, providing you with a reliable pathway into a successful career. Despite the tumultuous state of contemporary politics and all this talk about the oversupply of graduates, things are looking good for your prospects. How’s that for good news?

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