Event Review: Interview Skills Workshop [KBS Melbourne]

Written by Marilia Cazassa

A huge thanks to our Senior Career Officer, Angelique in Melbourne for sharing her wisdom and advice. We recently had an Interview Skills Workshop where she kindly illustrated the lengthy recruitment cycle in simple steps that we could all follow and understand.

Angelique also guided us through some tips that are often crucial to maximising your chance of landing the job:

  • Researching the company so you understand a little bit about their background, history (and have questions to ask)
  • Preparing your paperwork in advance, including CV, portfolio, etc
  • Dressing in accordance with the industry/profession
  • Having questions ready for the employer

She also stressed the importance of communication through body language, and gave us tips on how to follow up after an interview. Safe to say we are now well prepared for our next job interview!

Thanks again for the awesome workshop, Angelique!