Event Review: Business Forum [KBS Sydney]

Written by Nora Kollarova

Each trimester, Kaplan Business School (KBS) Sydney holds a Welcome Week to get new students to interact and gain new knowledge from various information sessions. On the first day of Welcome Week, a Careers Business Forum was organised for the students. The panel members involved during this session were Josh Foreman, the founder of Indebted, Michael Eichler, the former General Manager of Kaplan Business School and Neil Barmecha, a Graduate Strategy Analyst from Allianz.


The host of the event was none other than Campus Manager himself, Darren O’Connell. The event started off with Darren asking about the impact of Brexit on Australia. Most of the panellists were in agreement that there was not much of an impact on Australia in the short-term, however, in the long-term there could be some repercussions.

The panellists also spoke about the opportunities that students with experience from different parts of the world could bring to businesses in Australia. Nowadays, companies are seeking out people with experience from other parts of the world. Overseas experience can improve the quality of the work performed, as well as add diversity which is important to the market.

We had some great questions too. One of our students asked,

“If a company does not want you because you are from a different culture is it suitable to join them?”

Josh responded by saying that “if the company does not want you, it is not the place for you to work.”

Neil gave some great advice that when you join a company and believe you have a good idea, you should “make a plan to show it and not just say it. Convince and influence people that the change you want to make will be beneficial for them.”


“Virtual reality is a trend topic for the future”. Michael and Josh spoke about how you no longer need to travel to a specific location to take part in a conference. You can attend any event from different parts of the world through holographic reality. Exciting stuff!

Additional highlights, during the forum that were discussed include:

  • Leadership skills are required based on the fact that in the future, a lot of skills such as data input will be replaced by machines.
  • Students were advised to be adaptive to change, think critically, question ways of doing tasks and look for innovative ways to solve problems.
  • Students are advised to learn transferable skills for other opportunities.
  • Graduates now need to be solution focused and start their own business when they are young and do not have any pressing commitments. If they fail it does not matter because they can always start again.
  • Students are encouraged to network sooner rather than later.