Low ATAR? You’ve Still Got Options…

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If you didn’t get the ATAR you wanted, it’s not the end of the world! Here’s why…

You actually have plenty of options including private colleges, institutes and training organisations who offer alternative pathways to study. To complete an MBA you could begin your first year at a Graduate Certificate level, then proceed your way up in 2nd year to Graduate Diploma, and last but not least, finish your third year and come out with a full-fledged Master of Business Administration.

Pretty neat, right? In fact, this ‘tiered’ course structure that allows you to transfer your study credits has become widely popular across private business colleges, and is the perfect solution for early school leavers and mature age students.

If you left high school early to work, you’re not alone.

Many institutions now recognise this as perfectly acceptable, and the way they are measured is based on their job’s skill level, and looks at things such as the number of years they’ve been in the type of role, and the type of work they were doing. In 2015, skills are assets more valuable than ever. Sure, grades are still relevant, but career experience is now also heavily considered.

“My ATAR wasn’t high enough”

If your ATAR doesn’t meet the cut-off requirement for the course, you won’t necessarily miss out on that year.
If you apply for tertiary study as a Year 12 student and your ATAR doesn’t meet the cut-off requirement for the course, you won’t miss out! Some institutions may make you an offer to enrol in a ‘pathway’ course, or ‘nested’ qualification.
This is a course at a lower level of study than the one you’ve applied for.
For example, if you applied for a Bachelor of Business but didn’t meet the entry requirements, the institution might offer you a place in a Diploma of Business. The credits you complete in this qualification can be transferred over and have you enter straight into the second year of a Bachelor of Business, saving you up to a year! If you’re still hell-bent on getting into that university, you could even transfer after completing one just one year of a diploma at a smaller institution.
Many private institutions also offer a variety of scholarships aimed at helping the disadvantaged and less fortunate.
Shop around to see what scholarships are available to you, and apply for ones that match your specific criteria. You’ll have to be on your toes though, as many of these scholarship opportunities get snapped up pretty quickly! Selection criteria for many private colleges are rarely based on your ATAR these days, so don’t worry if you think it’s too low. Your work and life experience definitely counts!
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‘Nested’ qualifications allow you to enter into a degree from a lower stage but still finishing in the same amount of time!

Launch your career with a professional qualification

More and more people are looking towards alternatives to the traditional universities, and there’s little surprise why. Kaplan Business School offers fast and streamlined pathways into degrees, but it doesn’t stop there.

  • Kaplan Business School’s industry placement program is a unique experience available to you during your studies. It provides you with an opportunity to gain real experience in the workplace so that you’re not just learning theory without the understanding of proper application.
  • Kaplan Business School’s study pathways mean that you can do a graduate certificate, undergraduate or postgraduate degree, entering from various points and exiting whenever you’ve reached your desired goal.
  • We have on-campus academic support facilities to assist you with getting up to speed with basic maths and English skills. This is completely optional and at comes at no extra cost.
  • Our courses are also incredibly flexible, with part-time options and even an online mode for our MBA (study from home!). One of the best things about our courses is you can tailor your study load to exactly the way you like it.

If you would like further detailed information about our courses, please click here.

Flexibility is on your side. Study at your own place, online or on-campus.
Flexibility is on your side. Study at your own place, online or on-campus.

Your Personal Careers Team, On Campus

The advice of a professional career practitioner to help you plan your future is invaluable. Kaplan Business School offers one-on-one appointments with seasoned employment specialists, and regularly holds ongoing seminars and career workshops to help students reach their full career potential. Alumni students are also supported after graduation.

Kaplan Business School’s Careers Central team are available weekly to provide expert career support and guidance.

All students are entitled and encouraged to make regular appointments to see their personal Careers Advisor who can provide support and guidance with:

  • Resume writing and covering letter preparation
  • Preparing your social media profile
  • Job-hunting advice
  • Application and interview preparation tips
  • Networking techniques and how to create professional opportunities
  • Information on professional accreditation and associations
  • Career pathways and planning guidance
  • Employability skills information sessions and online resources
  • Paid employment, voluntary work and internships
  • Relevant industry updates and employment trends

If you’d like to learn more, please follow the link below and we can organise a complimentary one-on-one careers session for you.

Find out more about our ATAR entry requirements – click here to find out more.

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