The Best Coffee In The World Might Be Closer Than You Think…

restaurant-red-beans-coffeeMelbourne… The City That Boasts The Best Roast

Australia might not be world renowned for its food, but it turns out that its coffee has won a place in the hearts of many around the globe. Melbourne has officially beaten Rome, Vienna and Sydney, taking first prize for best coffee in the world.

“The tourists love Melbourne because our coffee and cafe culture is a part of our lives and is a very unique thing to Melbourne. There are many great specialty roasters in Melbourne that consistently strive for excellence and keep pushing us all to be the best we can be and there’s a great sense of community here that can’t be found in many other places around the world.”

– Jos Turner, Barista at Brother Baba Budan

In the survey, 301 guests endorsed Melbourne for coffee, followed by 187 endorsements for Vienna, 116 for Rome and 86 for Lviv in Ukraine. Sydney was 16th on the list with only 20 endorsements for coffee.

Fact – the coffee culture is ingrained into Melbourne’s dynamic and bustling lifestyle. According to over 1,000 of users inquired by the travel website Melbourne has now been considered as having the world’s best coffee.

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A snap of Brother Baba Budan’s unique and astounding approach to interior design. Credits to richardwinchell on Flickr for the photo!