Cover Letter Examples And Strategies For Success


Cover Letter Examples And Strategies For Success

In a previous post, we discussed a number of ticks and techniques to use when creating Killer Cover Letters. It’s time to show you how to put some of those tips and hacks into practice with some real-life Cover Letter examples.


You may recall from our last discussions, the basic objective of the Cover Letter is NOT to get the job immediately, but instead to create enough interest in the reader (your future employer!) to invite you for an interview. To do that, you’ll need 5 building blocks to create an enticing letter:

  • Greetings: Make sure the letter is addressed appropriately
  • Introduction: This is where you provide a brief intro to yourself, and succinctly highlight why your skills/experience are perfect for the position
  • Bait: Here’s where you ‘sell yourself’ by giving relevant information about how your qualifications, previous experiences, training and skills can help the employer – always tying them back to the job posting
  • Skills: Here’s where you briefly outline all of the experience and skills you feel are relevant to the position. Recall from our previous post: The Cover Letter is NOT a substitute for your CV. Ideally, list them in order of relevance (Your CV should however list them chronologically)
  • Closing: Reiterate once more why you are a perfect fit, and offer to present yourself for a chat, meeting or an interview at the employer’s convenience. Don’t forget to include contact details

Now that we understand the basic building blocks, it’s time to create a couple of Cover Letter gems. Here are two styles – the Formal, and the Less Formal, that you might find useful.

ALL BUSINESS – The ‘Formal’ Cover Letter

formal cover letter
For positions that are ‘serious’ in nature, such as those in Finance, Accounting, Research or Project Management, employers tend to prefer the formal Cover Letter. Here’s an example.

Dear Ms. Doe,

Application for Business Analyst (BA) in your Finance department

I am attaching a copy of my CV for your consideration for the post of Business Analyst, which you advertised in the Daily Mail of February 19th.

I believe that you will find my background and experience a perfect fit for the position, based on the ‘must haves’ and the ‘nice to haves’ mentioned in your ad. Most notably, my strong numerical skills and analytical approach will be a great asset to your team.

My specialisation in Accounting, along with courses in Statistical Methods and Business Systems Analysis will definitely give me a head start. During the final semester of my MBA, I worked part-time at the campus Business Shop, which gave me invaluable insight into what working for an organisation similar to yours might entail.


I have a certificate in Financial Analysis, which will prove useful in my role as a BA

  • I contributed regularly to the Campus Business Newsletter, where I produced a 6-part series of articles, analysing companies in various industries including Business and Financial services, of which The Business Shop Inc is a component member
  • I currently freelance for The Business Weekly as an Analyst, providing research and analysis to senior management on significant business and economic events (local, regional and international)

I believe all of these skills and experiences, coupled with my formal education in Business, Finance and Accounting, will make me an invaluable asset on your team.

I look forward to meeting you in person, or for an opportunity to discuss my contributions to your team over the phone shortly.



Job Seeker

The ‘Creative’ Cover Letter

creative cover letter
If you are applying for a position that’s based in a less formal setting, such as Creative Designing company, an App or Game Developer, or an Advertising Copy-writer, then you may need to ‘liven up’ the Cover Letter to blend with the organisation’s company culture.

Take a look at what we said in our previous post about being “empathetic”.

Dear Ms. Doe,

If Cookie Cutters are what you are looking for – then I probably won’t cut it!

Your ad in the Daily Mail of February 19th said you were in search of a “dynamic”, “creative”, “vibrant” Account Manager for your start-up in the Creative Designing space – I think your ad copy-writer had me in mind.

As you can see from the CV I’ve attached, my background in Business, Accounting and Finance has positioned me ideally to take on the role defined in your posting:

  • While studying for my degree, I’ve helped in starting up two small-scale ventures, one in the online greeting cards space, and the other a weekly publication for millennials. Both were projects supported by faculty staff, but overseen, managed and run entirely by myself and a colleague
  • My certificate in Marketing has prepared me well to be attentive and attuned to the needs of your clients – many of whom will likely have a creative streak which I understand so well
  • Through education, training and my previous internship role as a Product Manager with The App Shop, I am well aware of what it takes to manage client accounts in a creative, dynamic and vibrant environment

While you may be looking for an Account Manager, as a start-up you’ll probably need someone that wears multiple hats – some of them simultaneously! My role as a Product Manager was exactly like that, where in addition to managing client accounts, I did some coding, created documentation and even helped in Product testing.

I believe you need someone with my skills and approach – and not a cookie-cutter Account Manager. If that’s the case, then I look forward to meeting you in person; or for an opportunity to discuss my contributions to your team over the phone shortly.


Job Seeker