Cintia Fiore: Full-time mother / full-time MBA student

Cintia Fiore: Full-time mother / full-time MBA student

Published 17th May, 2018

Meet MBA student Cintia Fiore from KBS Adelaide. Born and raised in the mountain ranges of Mendoza, Argentina, Cintia made her move to Adelaide at the start of 2017 to embark on a mission – to discover a new part of the world and take her existing consultancy career to the next level.

In her very first month on Australian soil, Cintia stepped straight into the world of Kaplan by undertaking two months of Higher Intermediate English at Kaplan International English, an investment which saw her level of English remarkably improve. Cintia is now four trimesters into her MBA and is determined to re-launch her career and branch out into public relations.

In our short interview, Cintia shed light on what some of the biggest differences are between the Australian and Argentine cultures:

While Argentine people are very passionate, friendly and expressive, I find Australian people to be politer and more measured. There are so many foods, traditions and lifestyles here that I have come to appreciate the true beauty and diversity Australia has to offer. My husband, my son and I felt welcomed from the moment we arrived.

A day in the life of Cintia is routine. She wakes up early to send her 5-year-old son to school and says goodbye to her husband who goes to work. Whether she’s been at Kaplan Business School all day or doing errands, Cintia ensures her family is together again by 5pm, giving her plenty of time to prepare dinner for her son and husband and discuss the day.

Although Adelaide isn’t a big city, it still has so much to offer. On the weekends, we like to spend our time at the beach, visit the beautiful German village of Hahndorf or indulge by going to the Barossa Wine Valley.

KBS Student Cintia and friends

Being a full-time mother doesn’t stop Cintia from stepping outside of her comfort zone and acquiring a new wealth of knowledge. Growing and succeeding at Kaplan Business School would not be possible without the support of her husband, who looks after their son in the evenings if Cintia has assignments or study to do. Having the flexibility to balance a full-time degree being a full-time mother is coupled by our option to study MBA subjects online.

Kaplan Business School’s online MBA platform is very helpful for me as I can study from home and have the materials I need in one place, organised and complete. I have strong passion for cultivating myself, and so does my husband. I am specialising my MBA in Digital Management since I already have experience in this area and have a passion for online marketing.

Alongside family and culture, we found out some other noteworthy facts about Cintia:

If you could spend 10 minutes talking to someone on a park bench, who would it be?

I would choose to talk to Dalai Lama, so he can fill my mind with deep, spiritual knowledge and encourage me to enjoy life more without worrying about the future. I’m a strong believer of just living in the present and appreciating every moment as it comes.

What did you want to be when you were younger, and how does that compare to what you want to be now?

When I was younger, I wanted to become a journalist. Before my MBA course at KBS, I had studied Social Communication in Argentina. However, over the years, the business world started to grow on me and I was eager to brand out from my existing consultancy career into public relations. I would love to own my own consultancy studio in Adelaide as I did previously in Argentina.

KBS is giving me the tools I need to further expand my career and build networks. I have taken advantage of the informal and formal opportunities available, which range from going to BBQs to attending industry events. Being a Student Ambassador on campus also allows me to collaborate in the organisation of events.

It was lovely learning a lot more about you Cintia! We wish you all the very best for the rest of your MBA at KBS, and know you’ll continue striving big!

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