Celebrating 10 years of creating success together!

Celebrating 10 years of creating success together!

Published 26 September, 2018

Hip hip hooray, we’ve just turned ten!

At KBS we’re proud of the thousands of careers that have been nurtured in our classrooms over the last decade, and we think that’s something worth celebrating. It’s the perfect time to look at what we’ve achieved and think about where we’re going next.

Our decade: 2008-2018

Since KBS launched in 2008, it’s grown from a small institution of just a few hundred, to a four-campus network of over 2,000 students.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the other key events that have made us who we are today:

Our team

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the effort and dedication of our staff. We are ever grateful for everyone who has joined the KBS community over the years and worked so hard to deliver world-class courses.

At our recent 10-year anniversary celebration at the Sydney campus, we had a chat to a couple of staff members about their experiences working with KBS.

Hi Senni! How has KBS changed in the time you’ve been with us?


“Over the last three years, I’ve witnessed KBS grow a lot! Our student numbers are steadily increasing; I’ve been here for two campus renovations and a digital transformation of our operations. I’ve organised countless graduation events and watched students that I first greeted as they walked through the door on day one, walk across the stage in their graduation robes.

At a recent graduation, a proud student asked if he could take a photo with me to show his parents who I am when he returned home; I don’t really think you can top that feeling. Over time I’ve begun to refer to us as the KBS family because that’s how I feel about this place.” –  Senni Chim, Senior Student Experience Officer, working with KBS since June 2015.

Hi Vivian! As a new staff member, how did you feel starting at KBS.

“I used to work as a freelance interpreter and in a number of other international teaching roles. At KBS I can already see there’s a very big difference between the culture here and the other companies I’ve worked for in the education space. There’s a laid-back, down-to-earth vibe; it’s easy to make friends. Everyone has a very specific and important role to play and are dedicated to their contribution to the business.

Students from certain cultures can sometimes feel misunderstood in Australia and we really try to embrace different cultures. As a Student Experience team, we’ve created activities, competitions and food events to bring people together and to help enrich their experiences with us. Once, during a conversation with a staff member, a student mentioned that he felt no one would be able to recognise his country’s flag. So, we decided to run a social activity around flags of the world. It was just a small gesture, but I like that we are encouraged to be proactive and spontaneous.” – Vivian Wang, Student Experience Officer, working with KBS since May 2018

Our students

When it comes down to the core of who we are, it’s all about our students.

“I’ve lived in Italy and have always enjoyed travelling but I never would have imaged ten years ago that I would end up studying my masters, let alone in Sydney, Australia. I couldn’t be happier to be here though, and the brave choice has led to an amazing experience,” says Jessie Benetti, Master of Accounting student, 2nd trimester.

We have educated students who have come from all over the world and we’re so grateful to be part of their stories. For us, it’s about teaching people the skills they need to create the careers they want. It’s about helping people run businesses well, so that they can create jobs for other people. It’s about contributing to the economy, so that society can benefit as a whole.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of staying in contact with our students after graduation through our Alumni Association. KBS runs regular alumni events and students enjoy lifelong access to Careers Central services. Hearing student success stories and knowing that we played a small part in helping them get there, is extremely rewarding.

Grace Lopez – KBS graduate, 2018

Grace was an MBA student from Mexico who came to KBS full of ambition and a can-do attitude. As a student, Grace took initiative throughout her degree, utilising the services of Careers Central to maximise her employment opportunities.

Following a successful three-month internship at data-driven collection agency InDebted, Grace moved on to a full-time role as a permanent product manager.

It feels great to have graduated. I’ve been leading the product development team and working directly with customers to integrate our software as a service to their operations. Over the next two years, I would like to remain in the company and help it grow and improve my skills. I want to become an operations manager, grow a team and manage one as well.

To learn more about the journeys and stories of our alumni please have a read of our KBS blog.

Our future: what’s next for KBS?

KBS has always managed to stay student and community focused, even as we’ve grown in size. This is in part thanks to the vision and direction we’ve had from our leadership.

There’s no one better to outline our direction for the next chapter than our Academic Dean, James Adonopoulos. Here’s what he had to say when asked about the future for Kaplan Business School:

“We’re tremendously proud of the fact we have over 3,000 graduates who have progressed their career with the skills they acquired during their time here. We’re all incredibly excited about the future of Kaplan Business School. You can guarantee that it’s going to be student-led, personalised, and with even more support to help you on your journey.”

Thank you everyone at KBS and here’s to the next ten years!

Come join the KBS family! Applications for 2018 are open

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