Careers Success Story: Alice Cristina Alves Franco

Published 2 March 2018

We at KBS are excited to announce the first Careers Success Story for 2018. Originally from Brazil, Alice Cristina Alves Franco made the big decision to move to Australia to study and work and has been at KBS for one year. Last year, Alice used our Careers Central services to secure herself an accounting internship! Here’s more from her on what her experiences at KBS and in Australia have been like so far.

What brought you to Australia?

I came to Australia because I felt there are better job opportunities available, and the quality of life is better.

Why study at KBS?

KBS is a great place to study. Firstly, because the professors and staff members are friendly and really want to see students succeed. Secondly, because KBS has a high level of education. Thirdly, because KBS is recognised in the job market and opens the doors for great employment.

Careers Central has helped me to enhance my resume, given me tips for interviews and assisted me when looking for job positions. As I result, I scored myself an interview and was selected for an accounting internship at InDebted. They are a Debt Recovery Agency and have opened their doors to other KBS students in the past.   

Working at InDebted was an important step for my career, as it was my first industry experience in Australia. I am fortunate enough to now be working as an Assistant Accountant at the Powerhouse Museum!

What do you do outside of Kaplan Business School?

Outside of Kaplan Business School, I work in a restaurant and in my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the beach and exploring beautiful Sydney.

What is your biggest career achievement so far?

My biggest career achievement was when I opened my own business. My husband and I owned a food truck that sold fried chicken. I would look after finances, stock and our relationships with supplies, whereas my husband would manage the cashier and our advertising. 

What are the three most important things you look for in work?

I look for experience, admirable staff to work with and a healthy salary.

What would be your dream job?

My dream job is to work for a big company as an auditor or maybe in another field of accounting. With that job, I hope to get permanent residency to stay in Australia.

Why should any employer be lucky to have you working for them?

I am hardworking, I’m eager to learn new tasks and I love what I do, so my role can bring strong results for a company.

Good luck with your future, Alice, and well done on all your hard work. Coming to a new country to study can be challenging and you’re doing really well. Let us know if there’s anything further we can do to assist you!

Applications for 2018 are open!