Career Spotlight: Tunde Balog [MakMak]


Editor’s note: A warm congratulations to Tunde – I had a wonderful chat with her about her internship placement at Makmak, and it was inspiring to hear how much she enjoyed the role.

How did it all begin?

Michelle helped me a lot with revising my cover letter, and my CV to make sure they were compatible with “Australian standards”, e.g. formatting, what points to emphasize etc. She told me about the job and I applied, and then landed the interview with MakMak.

Tell me about what you did at Mak Mak.

MakMak is a small, startup food production company that make award-winning macarons. It was surprising that the CEO, Carlos trusted me from Day 1! I took over many accounting roles, including record keeping, bank reconciliation, payroll, restructuring ledger accounts etc. I helped with budget planning as well, and interpreting business analytics to improve marketing expenditure.

Were you able to apply the theory learnt in class to the job?

Yes, absolutely – Accounting Principles comes to mind. Also everything I’ve been learning about financial accounting, I was able to apply those theories into practice.

What else did you learn over the course of your internship?

I’d never used any accounting systems before, so I had to quickly figure out how to use MYOB. I had to learn how to do payroll, handling Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables and lots of data entry among other things. A lot of learning was done “on the job”, through practice. I really enjoyed it!

Sounds like it would’ve helped with independence skills!

Yeah, definitely!

What are the top 3 things you loved about the internship?

One thing I’m grateful for is having local, Australian experience that is actually related to my studies. I also really liked that over here, communication is less formal. I’m not sure if it’s typical in Australia, but I was positively surprised by Carlos (the CEO of MakMak) that from day 1 he trusted me with all of their confidential accounting information.

Even though I wasn’t making necessarily huge decisions to impact the bottom line, I still felt valued as an employee because I was given the opportunity to help MakMak develop their business in a meaningful way. I felt like I made a difference for the company, and that I really created value.


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