Career Spotlight: Melinda Zombor [Gordon Hamilton Accountants]


Editor’s note: A warm congratulations to Melinda on being our first Intern of the Month for 2017 – I had a wonderful chat with her about her internship placement at Hamilton Gordon Accountants.

How did it all begin, Melinda?

As I am studying a Master of Accounting, and I really wanted to gain some local experience within the accounting field. I approached Careers Officer, Polina, from Careers Central and we agreed on an available accounting position at Hamilton Gordon! I really wanted to dive into the workforce and see how it all works in the real world. So it was a very good opportunity for me!

What did you learn?

Not only did I carry out electronic file conversion tasks including filing and postage tasks on a daily basis, I also assisted the administration manager with telephone attendance and also tasks of stationary ordering. It was an excellent chance which gave me a taste of what it’s like to work at an accounting company. In the end I’ve gained real, practical work experience that can make me more employable.

How did the interview process go?

It’s quite similar to back home in Hungary, actually. There were a few rounds of interviews before you finally reach an outcome. However in terms of resume, cover letter etc, there were some differences. Over here for example, you are not advised to attach a photo to your application. This is different back in Hungary where you normally reveal more personal details about yourself. The structure is also quite different but overall the main points still stayed the same.

Was Careers Officer, Polina, able to help you?

Yeah she helped me a lot. She helped me to optimise my CV and ensure that it’s up to Australian standards. She checked it for me and provided me with lots of suggestions to help me improve it. I think it’s perfect now, and that was very helpful for me because I had no idea what good resumes looked like in Australia, especially in regards to formatting. She was very nice and helped me whenever I had any questions regarding the internship.

She also helped me prepare for the interview and gave me tips on the proper way to dress, and also provided me with possible questions that could come up during my interview so that I could prepare for them.

Did you enjoy the internship?

Definitely. My colleagues were incredibly helpful and understanding of my situation as an international student. I was a little shy to begin with but were there very nice and were proactive to help me whenever I had a question.

Would you recommend Careers Central?

Yeah I really do recommend that all students look into the internship program. You’ll gain confidence and this is the first step for you to get a real job in your field. Without experience, it will be difficult for you once you graduate so this is a great opportunity that students should take advantage of.

This internship was an outstanding way of bridging the gap between leaving Kaplan and getting that all important first job experience. It was a pleasure working for Hamilton Gordon Accountants and I am thankful that Kaplan Business School provided me with this opportunity.


Are you Kaplan Business School’s next success story?

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