Career Spotlight: Joanna Barrientos [MovingHub]


A warm congratulations to Joanna Barrientos, our Intern of the Month for October 2016! She interned at a company by the name of Movinghub, as a Creative Coordinator. I recently caught up with her to see how she liked the experience!

Movinghub™ is a full stack cloud based crm built to evolve the moving home experience. The multifaceted white label platform is capable of organising multiple services across a range of categories including energy, broadband, insurance and finance as well as moving and maintenance services.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Joanna: Well, I’m from the Philippines, I arrived here in Melbourne around last March, which was when I started my first trimester of my MBA programme with KBS! Back in the Philippines, I was a marketing assistant and an executive assistant for a telecommunications company. My undergraduate background is in multimedia arts, so I also do a little bit of freelance graphic design.

Q: How did you land the position at Moving Hub?

Joanna: I wanted to get more experience in the Australian workforce. I attended all the KBS seminars, including the LinkedIn ones, how to optimise your resume – and through attending them I started to get to know what Careers Central was all about. Angelique helped me immensely with my resume, and not too long after she notified me that a position came up that fits my background. After a couple of rounds of interviews, I landed the position as a Creative Coordinator for Movinghub

Q: Did you enjoy the experience?

Joanna: Yes very much! They were very kind and helpful. I had worked at an IT startup company before so adjusting wasn’t too hard. Even though English wasn’t my first language, they were very patient and open with communication. I also liked that it was a very multicultural company, lots of people from all around the world — it made for a good working environment.

Q: How has the MBA helped you with your job?

Joanna: A large component of the MBA is theory, so doing the internship helped me to reflect on the application of those concepts.

Q: Any advice for students who are having trouble landing a position?

Joanna: From what I’ve observed, it’s kind of assumed here that you’re supposed to “know someone” who can recommend you. For those without any local experience, I think it would be a good idea to make use of services like KBS’s Careers Central. They can act as a stepping stone towards getting you a job, and can actually get you much better results compared to simply approaching companies by yourself.

Here’s what MovingHub had to say about Joanna:

Joanna was always punctual and professional to work with.  When a task or idea was discussed with Joanna, we had an overwhelming response with suggestions. Joanna was given opportunities to enhance her experience, whether it was presenting to the wider team or working closely with staff to put together designs.

– Kris Bondin, GM Strategic Partnerships