Building your new support network in Australia

Building your new support network in Australia (and why it’s essential to your career success)

Published 5th July, 2018 

In your life and career, you need a strong community. The vast majority of research into professional development affirms that support from others is essential to your success. Not so often considered, however, is the emotional and practical support you get from those around you. From your parents pushing you to stick to your studies to the friend who gives you confidence to follow your dreams, these are the people who play a critical (and often overlooked) role in your success.

Several years ago, Anne-Claire Bouton made the move to Brisbane, Australia from the small island of Mauritius to embark on a new life away from family and friends. We recently caught up with Anne-Claire (graduate of our Bachelor of Business in 2016), who has shown just how networks and friendship groups positively influence success.

What did your support network look like when you were studying at Kaplan Business School?

“I definitely wouldn’t have transitioned as smoothly into my graduate role without the support networks offered through the staff at Careers Central. 

My Careers Officer at Kaplan Business School helped me towards the end of my degree in getting an internship at Superannuation Property and following my success there, secured a permanent paid position. 

I am now a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Client Services Administrator and Assistant Finance Broker at Superannuation Property. Thanks to KBS, I am already working in the finance industry.

What does it look like now?

My colleagues have really excelled my knowledge and motivated me to keep learning new things. The Senior Financial Planner and I have conversations about investments quite often which makes me feel like my values are well heard.

Other colleagues including the Senior Financial Planner and Finance Broker provide me with a form of mentorship which enables me to grow well and learn.

What do you miss the most about being at Kaplan Business School?

It definitely has to be the staff. I got to know so many people who I hope to keep in touch with for as long as I can. Life was easier back then (giggles)!

Explain what a typical day at work is like for you…

I normally start the day by reading e-mails from clients, colleagues and external service providers. I quickly make a to-do list of my outstanding tasks and rank them by level of priority. Apart from e-mails, I receive and send a lot of paperwork including loan documents, policy schedules and SMSF information.

What is the most important career tip someone has given you, and how have you followed through with it?

My father told me to choose a career path based on my passion rather than for the salary. I chose economics and finance, which I love and this has helped me work harder without feeling like it is a chore. 

What advice would you give to current Kaplan Business School students?

Give it your all, stay positive, keep yourself happy and do what you love. Make the most of the resources that are available to you. You’re going to have an incredible journey and your natural enthusiasm will attract people who want to help you along your way.

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