A New Life is Just a Road Trip Away: One Student’s Big Decision to Change Campus at KBS

There’s no shortage of exciting challenges you can set yourself in life. One of the biggest and most rewarding, however, can be moving to a new place. A change of place can bring with it a fresh perspective, different experiences, a new community or total shift in lifestyle.

At Kaplan Business School, we recognise that sometimes moving is important or even necessary. We’ve created a flexible system where our students can transfer from one campus to another in between trimesters. You can choose to move to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide and continue on your study without interruption. One inspiring student who’s taken full advantage of this opportunity to change her life is Paula Bosolasco. Here’s her story.

“I’m Paula, I’m 29 and originally from Uruguay in South America. I already have a bachelor degree in Economics, but it’s a pretty broad field, so I felt the need to study something more specific. An MBA sounded perfect for me, as I enjoy working with people. A career in business management just seemed so right! But, I couldn’t have decided to go on this path without the help of John and Claire of LAE  (Latino Australian Education) back home. They helped me to find the best career and school according to my profile, and that’s how I ended up coming to Kaplan Business School in Australia to do my MBA.

I first arrived in Sydney and lived in beautiful Manly. Taking the ferry three times a week to go to school in the city was all an adventure at the beginning. It was something different and enjoyable. But after a while, I realised that the city where I was living was much bigger than my whole country and I felt a little bit lost.

Instead of staying in Sydney, my husband and I decided to buy a Motorhome and start combining the Aussie beach lifestyle with studying. After travelling all the east coast in my holidays, it was so difficult to decide where to live.

Eventually, though, opportunities started coming up for both of us in the dreamy Byron Bay. Driving a couple of hours to Brisbane was not a bad idea when it meant we were able to live in Byron Bay. I transferred my MBA from the Sydney to the Brisbane campus. Now I have got a job as a manager in a chocolate boutique shop where I am able to apply everything I’m learning in school. Kaplan gave me the opportunity to study my MBA while having this unique experience.

I had to travel to Sydney for one week recently, so I took the opportunity to come back to school and catch up with all my first colleagues. It was unbelievable! Not only my friends but also the staff remembered me and cared. I felt like someone who mattered.”

At the beginning of my time at the Brisbane campus, I was not quite comfortable. But like every change in life, I guess it was only about time. The staff at KBS helped to make me feel good about the transition. Again, feeling that someone is taking care of you in such a big country is great.

I would like to say special thanks to Arturo at KBS in Brisbane. I remember going to him with some questions, and he told me; “I know you, Paula, I’m following all your progress, no worries,” and I felt relieved that I wasn’t alone. The same thing happened in Sydney with Michelle and all the other staff at the front desk helping my husband and me out with our first steps in Australia.

When I first started my MBA at Kaplan, the transition was challenging. There is a big difference between studying a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Plus, studying in a foreign language and coming from a developing country is difficult. But thankfully we were given great tools back home to help us adapt to these changes.

At the moment, my husband and I face new challenges all the time; using a foreign language, driving the long distances to go to school, studying using different methodologies. But, regarding the transfer to a different campus, the biggest challenge was meeting new people and making new friends, again.

Now I’m able to say that I’m enjoying my studies. They are challenging all the time, but in the end, I’m so grateful. I love meeting new people and getting to know new cultures and places so, who knows, maybe I should try the Melbourne campus as well? We will see in the last trimester.

I dream of working as a manager in a big hotel. I had some job interviews at the beginning of my studies, but I was not prepared yet. Now, with only one trimester left before graduation, I feel Kaplan has given me the tools to start the search for work again. I now feel confident to go out searching for new opportunities.”

For more information about how to transfer between campuses, contact KBS student services.