5 Ways to Manage Your Time Better This Week

managing time

You know the feeling, it’s the end of a long and exhausting week and all you really want to do is to fall asleep for the whole weekend. As you’re about to doze off you realise “I forgot to send that last pitch email” or “I didn’t submit my psychology assignment”.

You then spend your Friday night frantically typing and scribbling away and you can feel the tension make its way from your back to your brain. If this sounds like something that happens to you on a regular basis, you probably need to learn how to manage your time better. Here are five ways you can manage your time better to avoid those last minute headaches:

  1. Get acquainted with your calendar.

Whether it’s hanging up on your fridge or stuffed somewhere collecting dust, having a physical calendar that you can refer to throughout the week is a great first step in learning how to manage your time more efficiently. Colour coordinate tasks depending on their importance, that way when you walk by it the things that need to get done right now will stand out from the other tasks.

Use your calendar for jobs that need to get done around the house, personal reminders and things that don’t fall into the work or study category.

  1. De Cluttering.

That means your Inbox, your closet and your phone. If scrolling through your Inbox makes you anxious it’s best to sort it out now before it gets even worse. That way, when you start work on Monday you won’t be faced with thousands of emails, instead, they’ll be sorted out logically and neatly.

Can’t you feel the stress slowly fading away already? When it comes to your living space, it can be making you stressed out without you even realising. Having a pile of backed up laundry sitting there will just add to your stress levels. Pick a day, put it on your calendar and get your house sorted.

  1. Take advantage of your phone.

These amazing little things permanently attached to our hands can actually be quite useful when it comes to managing time. Setting yourself daily reminders about assignments that are due will help kick start your brain into remembering to do these tasks. 

Another way to organise your phone is to download some of the apps readily available to you that pretty much do the work for you. Remember the Milk is an app that will link all the necessary applications on your phone and send you reminders and alerts when something needs to be completed or looked at.


  1. Ask for back up.

Don’t be afraid to ask your roommate, partner, parent or friend to help you manage your time better. If you have a really important meeting on Wednesday that you need to plan for but the reminder in your phone has just told you to remember about going food shopping, delegate some of the workload to the people closest to you. 

Relieving some of the pressure will not only help your stress levels but will make you realise it’s okay to ask for help when you really need it.

  1. Stop being the master of procrastination.

If you look at your weekly to-do list and think ‘what can I put off until next week?’, you need to stop right now!

Procrastination might have been acceptable in high school but it’s fast becoming the main reason why you’re stressed out at the end of each week. Stop putting things off and start taking action! The sooner your to-do list has been dwindled down to nothing the sooner you can start enjoying your time off.