Why 2017 Is The Year Of The MBA

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Why 2017 is the year of the MBA: It’s all lining up to be the year of the business graduate.

Due to the world-wide economic situation, the political revivals across key regions of the world, and the ever changing business and socio-economic conditions locally and globally, business is forced to adapt and evolve. How this actually happens could end up  Employers no longer want to hire just “A graduate” anymore.

Forward thinking employers have their eyes on business graduates, particularly those holding MBAs.

Why being a business graduate is cool in 2017…

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) conducted its annual survey[1], the 16th in its series, which tried to ascertain employment trends and the types of prospective employees that corporations are looking to hire.

Given that companies see the importance of being prepared to take advantage of business opportunities that will present themselves in 2017, the bottom line findings from the survey aren’t surprising at all:

  • 8 out of every 10 employers surveyed (79%!) confirmed their intention to hire an MBA graduate in 2017.

That percentage is higher by 11% over last year, which means 2017 is definitely shaping up to be a great year for business graduates; and for MBA graduates in particular. And here’s why:


  • Improving business prospects

As global economies start healing from the wounds of 2009, employers are eager to position themselves in 2017 to gain lost market share and improve shareholder value. The survey confirmed that 40% of employers surveyed strongly agreed that hiring business graduates definitely adds value to their companies.

Because of the diverse knowledge and skills they bring with them, MBA holders are seen as a great asset by prospective employers, in that 2017 value creation process.

  • Improving your personal financial prospects

As business improves, so will employee salaries and benefits. Of the employers surveyed, 57% of them are committed to increasing salaries of the MBAs they do hire in 2017. An overwhelming majority of employers (63%) plan on making those raises above inflation rates.

This not only reflects growing confidence that the company itself sees greater opportunities on the horizon in 2017; but is proof that MBAs are poised to significantly better their own financial prospects in 2017 – more so than many of their graduate peers from other disciplines.

  • Dynamic skills = Cross-industry employability

Business graduates are extremely versatile in the knowledge they receive, and the skills they hone during their graduate studies. From Accounting to Finance, and from Human Resources and Business Management; MBAs are exposed to it all.

As 2017 starts unfolding, there will be employment opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries – from Retail and Manufacturing, to Health Care and Finance. Australia’s own economy will start pivoting from a commodity-driven one into a Service-oriented one. For MBA graduates, 2017 will bring employment opportunities from across many sectors, and not just in business or finance.

  • Great start-up career option

Employers, looking to mentor and nurture future employees are looking to hire business graduates in record numbers. The survey found that 84% and 66% of those surveyed were looking to offer paid internships to Bachelor’s and MBA’s in 2017.

If you are at the crossroads of a career move, and have already embarked on the journey to getting your MBA, then 2017 might just be the year for you!


With 2016 closing on a high note for MBA graduates (68% of surveyed employers from last year hired an MBA), 2017 is shaping up to be an even better year for business graduates. Business studies, such as an MBA from Kaplan Business School, offer broad-based business education to graduates that they can immediately put to use in the real world. And as business climate improves, employers want prospective employees to hit the ground running as soon as they come on board.

And that’s one more reason why 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for an MBA!

[1] http://www.gmac.com/~/media/Files/gmac/Research/Employment-Outlook/2016-year-end-poll-report-web-release.pdf