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Our friendly on-site Student Services teams are happy to answer any questions students might have about Kaplan Business School. Your Student Experience Officers are here to assist you. If you have questions regarding your enrolment, subject selections, or general support, please come and see us. We are also able to help students transition into life in Australia, if you would like more details on preparing for arrival in Australia or arrival services for international students, please visit

Kaplan Business School provides students with a wide range of support services to ensure you successfully progress through your studies whilst feeling safe, happy and welcome at our school. Below is a snapshot of these support services available to you as a KBS student.

Where do I go?

We provide a variety of up-to-date information on safety and wellness to ensure you are supported and safe during your studies at KBS. If you’re looking for where to find further information, have a look at the places below for the latest information:
Useful Phone Numbers – Internal and external support numbers
MyKBS – your personalised online Student Portal
School Policies
Student Forms
• Z-Cards – ask for one on campus!
• Posters on campus
• Regular emails


As a new student, we want to make sure you feel warmly welcomed into the KBS family. Orientation is held the week prior to your first trimester and is a great opportunity to meet key staff members and your new peers. You’ll also receive further information on your studies, facilities and support services on campus, to ensure you have the best possible start to your educational adventure.

Student Experience Officers

Our friendly Student Experience team are here to help you settle into life on campus. They are happy to answer any questions you might have in relation to your study, campus facilities and life as a student. They can help with study guidance and planning, workshops and events, student welfare and all our support services.

Student Counsellors

Student safety and welfare is our number one priority at KBS. That’s why we have dedicated student counsellors at all of our campuses to ensure our students’ mental health and wellbeing is proactively looked after.

Lifeworks Counselling

As well as our on campus counsellors, we are able to provide you access to counselling services external to Kaplan through Lifeworks, either face to face or over the phone. If you’re having to deal with an emergency or traumatic situation, get in contact with the Student Experience team and we’ll provide you with the contact details and support you need.

Personal Safety

Despite Australia being one of the safest countries in the world, it’s vital we give students the tools and information to keep themselves safe. We promote this through a variety of ways. For example, each trimester we hold Personal Safety workshops conducted by the police, we provide a Z-Card with key contact details to keep on your person and share emergency contact information and escalation details.

Mental Health events and workshops

On campus workshops and events are often focused on ensuring your mental health and wellbeing as a student. This includes stress management workshops, mindfulness training, self-defense, beach training and even therapy dogs!


Our campus facilities have been designed to ensure our students feel safe, happy and welcome on campus. They all include:

• As you walk into each campus, you’ll be greeted by the friendly Student Experience team in our Service Hubs. These hubs are designed to ensure we maximize the engagement of our students and you get the best experience possible during your time at KBS.

• Our classrooms are designed specifically to cater for small class sizes, allowing our expert lecturers to provide the personalized support you need.

• There is a library at each campus from which you can borrow course relevant books and reference materials. You will also have access to extensive online databases and the latest issues of the world’s most esteemed business magazines.

• Our campuses provide easily accessible IT resources including Wi-Fi, computer labs and printing and photocopying facilities. You will have access to integrated online learning materials and receive feedback on assignments through MyKBS – your personalised online Student Portal.

• Our student lounges are a great place to meet your peers or to relax between classes, and to heat or refrigerate your lunch.

Student Ambassador Program

Take advantage of personal and professional development opportunities through focused networking, event management and training activities. This is your opportunity to be a role model, create a sense of community, build your network and get the most out of your time at KBS!

Feedback Week

Every trimester we have a week dedicated to getting your feedback on your experience at KBS. We care about what our students have to say and the valuable feedback you provide helps us to improve your experience. In fact, a majority of the changes we implement at KBS are a direct result of ideas and feedback we received from our students.

Events and Workshops

Each trimester we hold a number of free internal and external events designed to be interactive and inspiring for all of our students. They include guest speakers, expert panels, multicultural days, quizzes and much more. Check out the event schedule at each campus.

Complaints and Appeals

At KBS, we’re determined to ensure you have a fantastic experience and you are successful in your studies. We will always endeavor to find solutions for you, but if you don’t feel satisfied with the solutions we have provided, there is a formal Complaints and Appeals policy and process available to all students.


As often happens, students may struggle with English even once their course begins. For that reason, Kaplan Business School offers a range of support services designed to help overcome these short-term limitations. For example: (i) students can enrol in BUS110, which is a subject on professional communication that especially focuses on advanced levels of English vocabulary and grammar; (ii) they can have a personalised coaching session with one of our Learning Advisors from our Academic Success Centre, all of whom are specifically trained in English instruction; and (iii) they can consult online with a complimentary tutoring service, whereby more than 500 experts are available to help interpret academic concepts, particularly at the foundational level.


One student per year is invited to become a formal member of our Academic Board, which is the principal academic body of KBS that governs, and is responsible for, all academic matters. As the student representative on this Board, you would serve a 12-month term, during which you would have the opportunity to actively participate in high-level decision making.

To be appointed to this position necessitates a competitive application process. The rewards, however, are numerous. In addition to developing a deep understanding of the complexities of academic management, you will also acquire the skills of governance and compliance that are the basis on which all decisions at KBS are made.

Attendance at these meetings, generally held in Sydney, are followed by a web-based presentation to your colleagues at which you not only share your observations but also collect feedback that can further inform your contribution in these important forums.