Current Students


Our friendly on-site Student Services teams are happy to answer any questions students might have about Kaplan Business School.

Your Student Experience Officers are here to assist you. If you have questions regarding your enrolment, subject selections, or general support, please come and see us.

We are also able to help students transition into life in Australia, if you would like more details on preparing for arrival in Australia or arrival services for international students, please visit


01. Student Experience Team

Kaplan Business School is committed to helping international students settle in to their new life and studies in Australia. Once you begin your course at Kaplan Business School, you will meet your Student Experience Officers at each campus who are dedicated to providing you the support and guidance you need to progress through your studies.

02. Careers Central

Our Careers Central team are dedicated to making you a job ready student. They offer a huge variety of career focused services including workshops, internships, coaching, boot camps, interview preparation and much, much more. Give your careers a kick start and get in touch with them today.

03. Academic Success Centre

The Academic Success Centre is an integral part of the academic assistance services provided by Kaplan Business School. The Centre provides direct support to both undergraduate and postgraduate students to acquire the literacy, numeracy, language and study skills required for academic success.  Academic Learning Advisors help the students manage the demands of their assessments, and equip them with the necessary tools to meet the requirements of their courses.


As often happens, students may struggle with English even once their course begins. For that reason, Kaplan Business School offers a range of support services designed to help overcome these short-term limitations. For example: (i) students can enrol in BUS110, which is a subject on professional communication that especially focuses on advanced levels of English vocabulary and grammar; (ii) they can have a personalised coaching session with one of our Learning Advisors from our Academic Success Centre, all of whom are specifically trained in English instruction; and (iii) they can consult online with a complimentary tutoring service, whereby more than 500 experts are available to help interpret academic concepts, particularly at the foundational level.


Our aim at Kaplan Business School is to create job ready students.  We offer a huge range of career services to all students to help you reach your career goals, you can find out more at our Careers Central page.