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New Students - FAQ

Q: Is there a place that combines everything I need to know?

A: Yes, we created a New Student Guide that contains all the essential information about your studies and our support services in one place. Bookmark this link and complete it at your own pace.

Q: What systems do I need access to?

A: There are two main systems used at Kaplan Business School; Kaplink and MyKBS.

Kaplink is your student portal where you can choose subject enrolments, check results, get updates on finance, download documents, get support services.

MyKBS is Your learning Management System where you can check your subjects, study material, assessment, access your classes via Zoom and access other support services from Academic Success Centre, Careers Central and Upcoming Events.

You can access Kaplink and MyKBS from the Current Students page of the KBS website. Alternatively, please bookmark the following links: Kaplink and MyKBS.

To login, you will need your student email address ( and your password. Instructions will be emailed to you before Orientation week.

Q: How do I create and access my Kaplan Business School email address?

A: All student emails are automatically generated and are in the following format:

[Student ID]

You will use this email address to login to your systems. You can also access Microsoft Office 365 for Education here by using your KBS email address. You can download the core Microsoft applications to your personal device, follow the instructions here for more information on how to do this.

Please be assured that all communication with you from KBS will be directed to the email address you provided us – no emails are sent to your KBS email address by KBS staff.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: To change your password, please click on Password Reset at the bottom of your MyKBS or Kaplink login page and follow the prompts to successfully change your password. Your new password needs to:

  • be at least 8 digits long;
  • not include any part of your name;
  • be different from your previous password
  • include a symbol, number, uppercase and lowercase letter.

Please be advised that you can only change your password once every 24 hours. If you are having issues with your password reset, please contact your local Student Experience Team.

Q: Where can I find the Zoom links to my online classes?

A: Your class Zoom link can be assessed by clicking the Zoom icon on the Staff contacts page, under your facilitators contact details. To access it, please login on to MyKBS, access the Subject Home Page under the My Subjects drop down menu and click on the Contacts tab.

Q: How can I check my assessment due dates?

A: To check your assessment due dates, please log on to MyKBS and access the Subject Home Page under the My Subjects drop down. On your Subject Home Page, click on the Assessments tab. On this page, you will find the assessment outlines, due dates and submission links.

Q: Where and how can I submit my assessments?

A: To submit your assessments, please login on to MyKBS and access the Subject Home Page under the My Subjects drop down. On your Subject Home Page, click on the Assessments tab.

Your assessment submission link will be an icon under the Submission Mode heading. If you experience any technical issues with your submission, please contact the LMS team.

Q: How do I contact my lecturers, the Student Experience Team or other support services?

A: Contact details for our staff and support services can be found on MyKBS.

For specific campus contact details and opening hours, please click on the “My Campus” icon on the MyKBS homepage and select your city. To make appointments with the local student support staff, you book an appointment in here.

Further support services can be booked online, such as Careers Central, the Academic Success Centre and the Student Counsellors. Or visit MyKBS and select “My Student Services” on the MyKBS Homepage.

For lecturers and subject coordinator details, please access the required subject under My Subjects and select Contacts in the Subject Home Page