about us


The Careers Mentorship Program is a professional development initiative which aims to pair Kaplan Business School student ambassadors with relevant industry professionals and alumni on the basis of shared interests, degree backgrounds and preferred industry experience.


The program provides students with the opportunity to create a professional network for themselves. Students gain valuable insight into the career pathways they’re interested in, and are able to seek personable, career-related advice from their assigned mentors.

Please note, that the KBS Career Mentorship program is only open to students who are in their final trimester of study at KBS and who are a student ambassador. Ambassador recognition is awarded to students who have consistently been on campus when required, have achieved high grades and to those who have strong rapport. Each campus will ultimately select a couple of students each trimester to become ambassadors through a formal interview process and may also take into account a resume and cover letter.


01. Express Your Interest

Student ambassadors, we want to hear from you! To get started, please see your Careers Officer and have a chat with them about the program. We need to ascertain what it is you would be hoping to get out of the program, what leadership style you best respond to and what your career aspirations are.

02. First Meeting

Once approved, your Careers Officer will organise your first meeting with your mentor and will offer you assistance in  preparing for the program.

03. Mentorship

You will take part in a range of networking activities and events, while  given the opportunity to build and develop on-going support with your mentor.


Week 1 Initial greet and introductions
  • Objectives for the mentee
  • Setting clear goals for each party
Weeks 4-8 Experience
  • Mentor to invite mentee to a networking event
  • Strategic meeting as an observer
Weeks 5 & 8 Check points Supervisor to ensure all parties are satisfied with the program
Week 12 Round up
  • Final meeting
  • Reflect on what was achieved
  • Next steps moving forward
Week 14 Feedback Feedback will be given by supervisor

A Word From a KBS Mentee 

Luis Medina, KBS Student and Mentee (left):

“The great thing about the mentorship is it boosts the speed at which I am able to pick up skills and knowledge, which would otherwise take much longer if I was left to do it all by myself. “


Rob Regan, Mentor and Managing Director | Kaplan International Australia and New Zealand (right):

“Whatever opportunity comes your way, you need to make it happen. Don’t sit there and think that you’re going to come out and be above other entry-levels.”