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5 Career Advice Blogs That Got It Right

One of the best ways to support your career skills is to keep in touch with trends, so you can always stay one step ahead of the game. Here’s a recap of some of our favourite career advice articles that we’ve read in the past few weeks

Jobseekers – These Skills Are In High Demand Right Now!

Hays recently announced a few ‘future-proof’ careers according to today’s market demand. According to the list, many of our students will be happy to know that professional accountants, salespeople, financial planners, marketing specialists have all made a spot on the list.

Relax! Here’s 5 Steps To Dealing With A Layoff.

The truth is, layoffs are more common than you probably think. That’s why it’s important to know how to handle one, regardless of whether you feel secure in your job or not. So, here’s a step-by-step guide to handling a lay-off professionally.

Vote For Rocsanne In The Etsy Design Awards 2015!

I recently caught up with Rocsanne as I heard she is in the running to win the Etsy Design Awards 2015! She’s currently sitting at 2nd place, and with only 2 more days to go, she needs the support of Kaplan to help her get to #1! Let’s pull through and help her reach her goal!

Your Essential Guide To Managing Study-Parenting Balance

Here’s Your Essential Guide To Managing Study-Parenting Balance – If you’re a parent considering returning to study, you might be concerned that taking on a degree will eat into valuable time you could be spending with your family. While this is a valid concern, you can easily manage the two with some clever planning.

Career Success Story: Long Chu (David)

Long Chu, or better known as David to his friends, is a Vietnamese-born graduate from Kaplan Business School. Having been down under for over 7 years now, he’s on a mission to gain residency and make a life for himself here in Australia.

Kaplan Named One of America’s 100 Best Employers by Forbes

Kaplan Named One of America’s 100 Best Employers “Kaplan has been named among the top 100 of “America’s Best Employers for 2015” by Forbes, the well-respected business magazine. Kaplan ranked #92 on Forbes’ ranking of 500 U.S. employers across 25 industries. This list places us in the company of well-known employers of choice, like Google, […]

Getting the Most Out of Your eBooks!

In case you hadn’t already heard the news, we are now offering students free eBooks to assist with their studies! As new technology can take some getting used to, we’ve compiled a handy guide to ensure you get the most out of your eBooks!

KBS Brisbane Gets A Makeover!

Over the past year or so, KBS Brisbane has been quietly working away at refurbishing their Brisbane campus. All of the staff worked tirelessly to make sure the project came to completion over the Christmas break, and we think the results were well worth it! Check out the pictures of the new campus below!

Here’s What We Learnt At KBS’s Recent Alumni Forum!

Here’s What We Learnt At KBS’s Recent Alumni Forum! Earlier this month, Kaplan Business School organised a series of fantastic alumni events for our ex-students! The event gave alumni the opportunity to network with clients, and forge meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals. The great thing about these types of events is it opens up doorways […]

Study Tip: Rethink Your Approach

Researchers have found that how you approach a task is just as important as doing the task itself. As a result, being in the right mind frame is crucial to study success.

Study Tip: Flash Cards

If you don’t already know, flash cards are a great way to lock in those pockets of information. As it’s proven itself to be such an effective study method, this tip will revolve around how to make the best use of your flash cards.

Resume Tips #2: Top 10 Overused Words

LinkedIn recently published some very interesting research into what were the most overused words in resumes They examined the profiles of over 259 million of its members, analysing which adjectives popped up the most. Here are the results.

Career Success Story #2: Erick Landa

Erick Landa proudly graduated from KBS Adelaide earlier this year with a Master of Professional Accounting. While he does have future plans to pursue an education with CPA Australia, he’s currently busy making the most out of his current career opportunity at BOQ Specialist, a subsidiary of Bank of Queensland, as an internal consultant.

The 10 Worst Investments Of 2014

Reflecting back on the year that was is often a fun thing to do. However for some shareholders, they’re probably wishing that they could turn back time! In this article we go over the top ten worst investments of 2014.

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

  Kaplan Business School wishes all our students, teachers and their families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We have many exciting things to announce in 2015, so stay tuned. P.S. As you’re probably aware by now, we’re completely addicted to infographics. Well, here’s the last one for the year – and it’s […]

Career Success Story: Diego Villalba

In 2011, Diego Villalba took a leap of faith and left his home of Brazil. Eager to nurture his education, he applied for a visa, enrolled at Macquarie University and was quickly on his way to the sunny shores of Sydney to study a Master of Applied Finance. It wasn’t long before he fell in love with Sydney, and wanted to make it his home.

The Evolution & History of the MBA

An MBA by today’s standards is considered to be the Rolls-Royce of business qualifications. As a result, more and more businesses are setting MBA as the benchmark when recruiting graduates. But did you know where, why and how the MBA originated? Read on to find out!

International Student Survival Tips: Part 1

If there’s anything I’ve learnt throughout my journey down-under, it’s that international students often repeat the same mistakes. In this article, I share 4 life-long lessons I’ve learnt as an international student.

Networking – What’s All The Buzz About?

It never hurts to have plenty of industry contacts. In this article, we review why networking is such a powerful tool for students and graduates in Australia, and how you can use it to your job seeking advantage.

Study Tip #5: What’s The Best Time To Study?

Are we wasting time studying at certain times of the day? On the other hand, are there certain time frames that we should use to optimise our study power? This little tip delves into the science of brain performance specifically related to study habits.

Study Tip #4: Figure Out Your Learning Style

Your learning style dictates how you study, and knowing which style you are can help you figure out which study techniques work best for you. Read on to figure out which style you fall into and see if you can apply any of the corresponding study tips to your routine!

5 Great Reasons To Get An MBA In Australia

Over the past decade, Australia has soared in its popularity and secured itself as one of the top destinations to pursue an MBA in. So why are more and more students choosing to do their MBA down under?

Top 10 Habits Of Wealthy People

For most of us, routine and habits make up a large part of our lives. We go day in, day out without even thinking about some of the habits (good AND bad) we fall into. So if we were to compare some of the habits of the wealthiest and poorest people in the world, what would we find?

Study Tip #1: Time Management

With exam time just around the corner, it’s all to easy to feel overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety and stress. However, with the right tactics and some clever planning – this could easily be avoided! This tip is all about time management.

Women In Leadership Seminar

Join a compelling discussion about women as leaders and the changes required to move more women into leadership and senior management positions.

Orientation T2 2014

Orientation T2, 2014 We are excited to welcome you into the Kaplan family. Orientation is your opportunity to explore the campus, meet other new students, obtain important information for your studies and discover the full range of services and support available on campus. Orientation dates/schedule    Wednesday 16 July 2014 Bachelor of Business Diploma of […]

Jobs of the Future (Infographic)

Jobs of the Future Ever wondered where your career might be heading? Some of the jobs that are around today, may be gone tomorrow, and new ones are popping up all the time. In a few years time, you might be working in a position that doesn’t even exist yet. We’ve developed an infographic detailing […]

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