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Student’s Say – Georgina (Video)

Georgina talks about her student experience and the benefits of studying in Australia and at Kaplan Business School.

Alejandro Pulen – Master of Accounting

When the time came to decide in which institute to study I realized that Kaplan offered a good balance between price and quality.

Meet the Faculty

Dr Stephen Fox

Before moving into higher education, Stephen had worked for several decades in senior management positions for both privately-owned businesses and multi-national corporations. His last industry post involved corporate portfolio management, strategic business unit development and knowledge management for a Swiss

Gerald Ng

Gerald has been working in the higher education sector for the past 8 years, holding teaching positions at the University of Melbourne and its associated colleges (International House, Queens College, Newman College and University College) and also at Kaplan Business School. Originally trained as an economist, he has previously worked at the Singa

Dr Deborah Churchman

After many years working in management roles in organisations in the UK and Australia, Deborah held an academic role at the University of South Australia for almost 20 years. She developed an international profile as a communication researcher and was invited to present and to teach at universities around the world, including an invitation to mentor academics at the prestigious Helsinki School of Economics. Her research has been published in som

News and Events

6 Tips To Effectively Juggle Work Life Study Balance

This article covers a few tips on how to effectively manage and balance your commitments while still having enough quality time to yourself.

Networking – What’s All The Buzz About?

It never hurts to have plenty of industry contacts. In this article, we review why networking is such a powerful tool for students and graduates in Australia, and how you can use it to your job seeking advantage.

Higher Education – A Proven Path to Entrepreneurial Success

Groundbreaking research from LinkedIn suggests that higher education is still the best path to career success.